Flying Beyond the Clouds of Depression

For most, depression is like a dark cloud. One that encompasses and surrounds their entire existence. This cloud keeps in the dark thoughts, and emotions, and wears on one physically. There is also the perception that the cloud will never dissipate. Now think of yourself in an airplane on the ground on a very cloudy, … Continue reading Flying Beyond the Clouds of Depression

Family, Friends, and Crawdads That Sing.

We are all born the same. From a mother’s womb, ignorant to the world, and naturally bonded by nature to the one who carried us. Some get raised by that person, some do not. That is nothing new to humans. Since the dawn of humans, there has been tragedy and surrogate mothers and even fathers. This phenomenon even exists in the animal kingdom.

COVID: Souvenir or Divine Gift?

Spent my entire last week in Biloxi, Mississippi for work. Very naturally beautiful area of the United States. Highly recommend seeing any of the southern Gulf states if you have not. Just gorgeous. Some elements, however, I did not partake in, which was the many casinos. Just not my thing. I did however bring back … Continue reading COVID: Souvenir or Divine Gift?

A Case of the Mondays

In a day and age of social media, it seems becoming an influencer, Tik Tok dance champion, or posting pics so filtered that you give Evian and Fiji a run for their money is what people are drawn to. What happened to common sense?