The Writing on the Wall: When to Say Enough

As most of us do, we let things go further than they should. What that may be can differ from person to person and situation. Unsure if this is in our nature as human beings, that is, to delay the inevitable, we do it. We turn a blind eye to things we know are not right. Whether that be personal, social, environmental, or world issues, we do it. Why? This seems to be the million-dollar question and can differ from person to person. With me, I feel sometimes my altruistic and optimistic soul gets in the way of reality with personal issues.  For others, it can be a plethora of things. If you know consuming high amounts of sugary substances will kill you, but you still do, the question is why. Knowing we are destroying the planet with our lifestyles, yet we live for today only and no thought to tomorrow, what is that about? When you always have dreamed of something, whether it be a goal or initiative, yet you have never set forth to do it, why? If you are in a relationship where you know it is one-sided and you still insist on staying and trying to make things work, where are the brakes for this?  We can chalk a lot of this up to comfort, stability, fear, arrogance, and more. The bottom line is, when is it enough to see the writing on the wall? The writing that says you are better than this and you know better. When is it enough? I have come to the conclusion that I am this crossroad currently. Making a decision for my future, my health, and well-being. Join me in doing the same. Even if it is starting a simple routine or putting together a plan. dK

Faith: The Most Powerful Human Weapon

For some, faith can be simple. For others, complicated. Thing is, what is faith? Faith is either complete trust in someone or something, to a belief in the doctrines of a religion, or even spirituality. Whether it be faith in a God or faith in yourself, there are moments in one's life that it is broken.

When Life is Too Much

You wake up to the same predicament every morning. Whether it be bills you are unable to handle and have no clue on how to resolve. Possibly it is watching the news and the ever-flowing feed of doom and gloom. Maybe it is the kids driving you nuts and keeping your nerves frazzled. What if … Continue reading When Life is Too Much

Speedbumps in the Age of Enlightenment

The biggest hot button one can push in American politics is guns. An item invented many years ago by the Chinese by accident. They were trying to invent a potion for the fountain of youth and invented gunpowder. Realized they could use it to shoot projectiles through bamboo shoots. Immediately, they started producing these as means for warfare. Means to end the life of another human being for the sake of power, greed, and ideology. Seems guns are still doing their job.

Living with Regrets

The one thing almost everyone has in common at one time or another is regret. The feeling of disappointment over a missed opportunity or possibly something else. Regret is one of our core components of emotions and is not a flaw. We need this emotion for more than you realize. Thing is, it is how … Continue reading Living with Regrets

One More Day Until Friday…

I awoke and performed my normal routine of getting ready for work. This consists of showering, coffee, and making sure I have my work polo on for virtual meetings. We are living in 2023. The world is becoming virtual, unfortunately, as it needs to. My dog and I take to the outside world for fresh … Continue reading One More Day Until Friday…

Monday Mantra: Working for the 1%?

Most Americans live the same song and dance week in and week out. If you think about it on a global scale, we all do as a human race. There are the select few that are inclusive to this ritualistic act, which leaves the rest of the 99% of us in the same boat. I … Continue reading Monday Mantra: Working for the 1%?

Just Another Normal Massacre: Allen Outlet Mall Mass Shooting

Fuck all the noise about amendments and right to bear arms. There is a difference between owning a handgun, shotgun, or hunting rifle. A semi-automatic or fully automatic long rifle with a capacity to carry 15 or more rounds is not for sport or self-defense. It is a tool solely intended to end human life. This WAS REGULATED until 2004. Now look at where we are. The whole "good guy/bad guy with a gun" argument is absolutely retarded. Individuals with no criminal record or signs of violence can obtain a long rifle equipped to carry out mass carnage. All it takes is an emotional trigger or life altering emotional situation to send this seemingly docile person into a mental state to carry out mass carnage. By the way, the most recent Allen Mall Shooting was not stopped by a citizen carrying a weapon, those people ran. Why? Because a handgun against a long rifle with a large magazine is absurd. Except for the highly trained Allen police officer.

Finding Your Meaning in Life

Our lives begin with this aura of meaning that is pressed upon us by an entity that is not real. One that presses upon us the importance of statures and delusions which we must accomplish to have meaning. We all crave that answer, “Why are we here?”. Most search all their lives in vain looking for that one answer. Those that feel happiness is an ideology that is force-fed to us through society. Society dictates what and how we feel, meanwhile decade by decade, increasing the stressors in which we live. The insurmountable objectives we must accomplish.

Land of Entitlement: Ship Building 101

People are more and more having this sense from birth that they are owed something. This mindset is something I am unable to comprehend. If anyone is entitled to anything, it is those who were silenced. This is easy to distinguish, anyone other than a white male. Thing is, you still have to build your ship and make it strong. Making alterations along the way to allow it to sail through obstacles and survive the overall reality of life. When it sinks, you start over with in depth knowledge how to prevent that from happening again. Yet some cannot grasp the errors and correct them.