Flying Beyond the Clouds of Depression

For most, depression is like a dark cloud. One that encompasses and surrounds their entire existence. This cloud keeps in the dark thoughts, and emotions, and wears on one physically. There is also the perception that the cloud will never dissipate. Now think of yourself in an airplane on the ground on a very cloudy, … Continue reading Flying Beyond the Clouds of Depression

Navigating the Holidays Solo

As the holidays here in the United States approach, most people associate them with a time for family and being thankful. What if you do not have that same luxury? Having spent the majority of my years being a bump on a log around the holidays, it was purely due to the fact of family. … Continue reading Navigating the Holidays Solo

Family, Friends, and Crawdads That Sing.

We are all born the same. From a mother’s womb, ignorant to the world, and naturally bonded by nature to the one who carried us. Some get raised by that person, some do not. That is nothing new to humans. Since the dawn of humans, there has been tragedy and surrogate mothers and even fathers. This phenomenon even exists in the animal kingdom.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

There is a good chance if you have been on any social media platform, shopping site, media page, or watch television or a streaming platform, you have been subject to several types of tactics to get your attention. Whether it be the good old click-bait tactics, shock factor, or algorithm using tailored information about you … Continue reading Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Miracles, and God

As a child, all of us believed in the supernatural. Heck, we believed in the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus. We get older and critical thinking takes over and logic kicks in. Well, for some of us. Millions, if not billions, of us, believe in a Creator. Some more than one, others … Continue reading Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Miracles, and God

Life As I Know It

My eyes follow the light through the blinds onto the floor. The interesting shapes and forms come to life in what is really just an illusion. One that is understood. The look on my face would make most feel I am angry, which I am not. I am in deep thought about a lot. Lately, … Continue reading Life As I Know It

Why Would You Believe in God?

I have asked this question to others several times in my life and have been asked this question just as many times. Why would you believe in God? A question I feel is one of the important questions people ask to try and understand or see where someone “stands.” It is not that difficult of … Continue reading Why Would You Believe in God?

This Is Not Life

Most dwell in the confines of a platform consisting of a video that is only seconds long yet keeps their attention to their electronic device. Scrolling through feeds on various apps and sites only to see life in pretend by others and brimming with misinformation. Envy and longing for what your cornea absorbs and your … Continue reading This Is Not Life

God Loves Only the USA!

I am finding it hard to open any social media platform. Just to glance for a moment at life beyond my COVID confinement is disturbing. It is as if no one thinks beyond their tongue, shallow thoughts, or lusts. Then again, I think it is time to find new people to associate with. My neighborhood … Continue reading God Loves Only the USA!