Just Another Shooting

You open a web browser with news, you see it. Thumb through media channels and you read it. What are we doing? What are we accomplishing? For centuries we have murdered each other and continue down this path. We take lives over ideology, emotions, mental illness, and any other reason we contrive. The favorite medium is the gun.

Things To Think About

How many times can someone break the law and get away with it? This whole Trump deal is ridiculous. The guy is crying about things that he tried to do to others and now is happening to him. He who cries the loudest and repeats the same thing is usually the one guilty of it. This has been true since the dawn of man. Anyone who sits in the chair of the most powerful nation of the world and spends more time golfing and calling people stupid, idiots, and losers just needs to go away. Period. His con is up.

Smartphone Apocalypse

In our hands lies a powerful weapon. One that we use against ourselves daily, over and over again. Tearing away at our identities, and critical thinking abilities, paving a highway to our own demise. We are our own worst enemy and we are armed with harming ourselves, as well as others (i.e. President of the United States coaxing uninformed, irrational citizens to storm a government building and cause chaos all in Tweets).

What is Unconditional Love?

This has become a term that fascinates me. One so simple yet so completely hard to grasp for most people. The word unconditional gets flung around like any other "hot word" of the hour. Does anyone know what the true meaning of unconditional? un·con·di·tion·al [ˌənkənˈdiSH(ə)n(ə)l] ADJECTIVE not subject to any conditions: "unconditional surrender" Merriam-Webster Dictionary … Continue reading What is Unconditional Love?

16,436 Days

Today marks the 45th year I have been on this planet. That is 16,436 days. Seems like an eternity yet it has not. In these several thousand days I have learned more than I can fathom most days. Having experienced the evil of humans and the array of abuses. Good has always been at the forefront when I opened my eyes to it. Those that are loud have nothing to offer. It is the silent ones that hold wisdom, love, and truth. Becoming blind to the exterior of all things, I have found the filling is what makes something what it is. Understanding the behavior of others has become pointless. Focusing on my own and my spiritual wellbeing with my environment. This journey is long from complete. My steps always focused on the right way. I fight everyday with my flawed human traits. 16,436 Days... Here is 16,436 more

And It Rains…

Another rainy day in North Texas. Looking out my window from my desk, I see the water hitting the pavement and wonder if the ground beneath it thirsts for water. Most will protect themselves from an element such as rain. A life-giving source that most take for granted. They prefer to use water to keep their lawns visually attractive to the human eye, yet unhealthy to the environment that surrounds them. Loads of transplants from western states come from drought-riddled areas, just to do the same thing to another region. Just so happens that I am in one of those areas. Having the inability to fathom what it is like to not care about anything but oneself, they come in droves. Like cattle looking for fresh grass. Hours spent thinking about it and accepting what is. Mother Nature is a powerful force. One that needs to be respected and cherished. I give thanks for all She provides. As if I do not, her offspring Karma will come around to see me. Sitting in the rain is the best form of relaxation and letting the water renourish the soul. I believe Father and Mother will always provide for those who receive in good heart and respect ALL accordingly.

Is Life That Bad?

When most reflect upon their lives, they feel they are not living it to the fullest. This can vary from person to person from feelings of discontent over their financial situation, relationship status, and even their physical appearance. There are many reasons, but really...

Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Nothing

What is love? What does the word love mean to you? Are you sure that it is love or merely lust? Love is not the desire to indulge in something or someone. Neither is it the emotional feeling to have from possession of inanimate objects or animate for that matter. Love is a feeling deep inside that science has yet to pinpoint. Ok, they claim it to be called mydriasis. It is a chemical reaction that occurs in the brain when triggered to have deep feelings for another. Yet, that is just for another human. What about love for life. Whatever you want to compartmentalize and label it, love is the strongest emotion in the universe. Unfortunately, hate is not far behind, and lust obviously chasing as well, and is our downfall. If you can ever become one with yourself and watch how our planet's creatures watch after one another, intermingle between species and coexist together at certain levels, love is powerful. People will say that is not love, it is respect. This is true, but it is love for their surrounding that incurs this cohabitation and respect for one another. This is their love of life. Of course, there is the survival instinct of it, yet if animals have the ability to love, then you have to think. As a very young child. I watched a calf be separated from its mother, to take to sell. The look on the mamma's face. The eyes. I spent the week there at the farm and watched how that mother cow grieved. It amazed me. I was only a kid but couldn't believe a walking steak or hamburger could have feelings. "A cow?", I thought. I asked my stepfather, and he laughed it off and explained the cattle business. It had me asking questions no one could or attempted to answer. Why? Because everyone is wrapped up in their lives and stopping to tune into something deeper than just the crust of life is not something people do. We are focused solely on us as ourselves and hopefully a few others around us. Settling and seeking communication daily with my Abba. Asking such questions through mindful meditation. It comes back all the same. Yet, I do not know how to react to it. We break our souls and saturate ourselves with negativity to: look and dress to how our peers will accept us pay for frivolous items and bills worry more about having than giving lust over creature comforts that do nothing for us.. As we could keep going. Yet most feel love is how they feel about their home, vehicle, purse, designer jeans, hobby, image, or career. It is all nonsensical. We pursue nothing and a future of nothing. Think about that. We destroy more for ourselves to have than to respect and love our biggest gift. This planet and our souls. We spend more time isolating, hating, and ostracizing than learning to love ourselves, one another, and our home. Love is being comfortable in your skin. Loving yourself and everything about yourself. No material or physical cosmetics to make yourself feel adequate or lifestyle to portray. Just you. Think about this. We wake up tomorrow and there are no homes, vehicles, clothes, cell phones, technology, nothing. You are completely nude and the first thing that comes to mind while most are reading this is shame and complete vulnerability. Maybe the first thing that comes to mind is, "I would look good naked". Either way, this is what is wrong. We have to rise to the next plane of existence. We have been stuck on this one for millennia and it is getting old. Love goes beyond all that. For oneself and others. Our pursuit for nothing as a species is going very well. Look around you. Yes, the people glued to Tik Tok and busy filling social media feeds with doctored non-reality. The garbage projected through all media channels, people's mouths and minds, and the consistent race we are to completely wipe ourselves out as a species. It is not about confidence. It is about letting it all go. What happened when we were 5, it happened. It took me over three decades to quit blaming others for the abuse and neglect I received. Yes, I quit blaming the abusers. I made a conscience decision as a teenager and as an adult to fall into the same lifestyle. How did that work out for me? You see the word I used? If you didn't catch it, it was "I". My love for myself now is immense. When I do get those feelings that lead me in the wrong direction, I ask for the love and energy of the One who created all this. Everyday. I get those tingles like the first day it ever happened. The fluttering in my stomach and the smile I can't hold back. No words can explain that when you quit trying put your "bullshit" in the place of just letting go and opening your heart and mind, the beautiful sensations you will endure. The freedom. You are not broken, just need a tune-up. Every wave or vibration around you, starts with you. This will be hard to swallow, but letting go and allowing the good in will change your life. It is there, you are not letting it in. Trust me.

Do You Feel Dirty?

Dirty. What is dirty? By definition, it is meant to be covered or soiled with an unclean substance. So, what is clean? The synonyms of dirty are many. One I think of is filth or filthy. These words can be so callous and cut deep when used against someone in a certain context. Think of … Continue reading Do You Feel Dirty?

Happy Holidays in the United States of Excess and Greed

Going to the store today for a charging cable was a hefty reminder of where we are as a society. Every store I passed on the way had parking lots full of cars, and traffic on the roads to match. All in the name of holiday shopping. The practice of buying meaningless items produced for mass profit.