COVID: Souvenir or Divine Gift?

Spent my entire last week in Biloxi, Mississippi for work. Very naturally beautiful area of the United States. Highly recommend seeing any of the southern Gulf states if you have not. Just gorgeous. Some elements, however, I did not partake in, which was the many casinos. Just not my thing. I did however bring back … Continue reading COVID: Souvenir or Divine Gift?


As I bowed my head in disgrace and profess my decadenceAsking for the strength to make it another dayThe Spirit fills my heart with a love I can’t explain or even referenceLooking for answers to guide me the right way Everywhere I look I see her faceDiamond eyes, shimmering smile, the essence of graceThings I … Continue reading Elijah

Religion, Atheists, Agnostics, and the Truth

As what happened to me earlier this week, some people’s first reflex reaction is to share what happened. Go out and tell everyone! Preach the Word of Christ! On one hand, I can understand this feeling, and on the other hand, it is something personal and life changing. Therefore, you choose your path. I am choosing … Continue reading Religion, Atheists, Agnostics, and the Truth

Finding My Meaning at the Last Moment

Something happened last night. Something I simply cannot explain. Something supernatural. Going on four weeks since my wife left me and just the overall overwhelming emotions, struggle, and awareness of taking ownership of my mental health has been rough. Very rough. So much so, it has led me to just being totally numb. Mind, body, … Continue reading Finding My Meaning at the Last Moment

A Prayer for My Enemies

To my Creator, I pray. I ask that my enemies, abusers, naysayers, and those who wish for my failure be filled with love and protection. To those who have inflicted pain, suffering, and abuse on my body and soul. I forgive you and send my love. My love and my heart belong to all what … Continue reading A Prayer for My Enemies

Running to Safety

Chasing her down would only escalate a very fragile situation. Stalking her at her work, showing up where she ran to, etc. are all very bad ideas. Four or five years ago, I probably would have done that. This does not mean I do not love her; it actually is me respecting the boundaries and her wishes. I would give anything for her to walk in the door right now, yet time is the answer.

A Text That Saved a Life

When you texted me Saturday, it seriously meant the world to me. You have no idea. Seriously. I told you I was doing good; I might have overstated that a bit. You have no idea what your text did. I have kept what is going on in my life private for years except to a few.

Nowhere to Run

Have you ever found yourself hopeless and ready to give up? Be it financial, career, relationship, or personal reasons, whatever it may be, you find yourself with nowhere to run. Surprisingly, this is a normal part of life. Normal? I did say normal, unfortunately. It all depends on the extremity of the situation and our ability to cope or deal with it. How do I know?

Tearing Down Loved Ones

When you think of this proverb, it should be easily understandable. Building up people, lives, careers, bank accounts, skills, talents, and much more take time. Large amounts of time. Dedication, perseverance, sweat, determination, and patience. Yet we can simply destroy and tear these down with simple words or years of neglect. Abuse would fall well into this as well.