Do You Feel Dirty?

Dirty. What is dirty? By definition, it is meant to be covered or soiled with an unclean substance. So, what is clean? The synonyms of dirty are many. One I think of is filth or filthy. These words can be so callous and cut deep when used against someone in a certain context. Think of … Continue reading Do You Feel Dirty?

God Loves Only the USA!

I am finding it hard to open any social media platform. Just to glance for a moment at life beyond my COVID confinement is disturbing. It is as if no one thinks beyond their tongue, shallow thoughts, or lusts. Then again, I think it is time to find new people to associate with. My neighborhood … Continue reading God Loves Only the USA!

Religion, Atheists, Agnostics, and the Truth

As what happened to me earlier this week, some people’s first reflex reaction is to share what happened. Go out and tell everyone! Preach the Word of Christ! On one hand, I can understand this feeling, and on the other hand, it is something personal and life changing. Therefore, you choose your path. I am choosing … Continue reading Religion, Atheists, Agnostics, and the Truth