Just Another Normal Massacre: Allen Outlet Mall Mass Shooting

Fuck all the noise about amendments and right to bear arms. There is a difference between owning a handgun, shotgun, or hunting rifle. A semi-automatic or fully automatic long rifle with a capacity to carry 15 or more rounds is not for sport or self-defense. It is a tool solely intended to end human life. This WAS REGULATED until 2004. Now look at where we are. The whole "good guy/bad guy with a gun" argument is absolutely retarded. Individuals with no criminal record or signs of violence can obtain a long rifle equipped to carry out mass carnage. All it takes is an emotional trigger or life altering emotional situation to send this seemingly docile person into a mental state to carry out mass carnage. By the way, the most recent Allen Mall Shooting was not stopped by a citizen carrying a weapon, those people ran. Why? Because a handgun against a long rifle with a large magazine is absurd. Except for the highly trained Allen police officer.

Things To Think About

How many times can someone break the law and get away with it? This whole Trump deal is ridiculous. The guy is crying about things that he tried to do to others and now is happening to him. He who cries the loudest and repeats the same thing is usually the one guilty of it. This has been true since the dawn of man. Anyone who sits in the chair of the most powerful nation of the world and spends more time golfing and calling people stupid, idiots, and losers just needs to go away. Period. His con is up.

This Is Not Life

Most dwell in the confines of a platform consisting of a video that is only seconds long yet keeps their attention to their electronic device. Scrolling through feeds on various apps and sites only to see life in pretend by others and brimming with misinformation. Envy and longing for what your cornea absorbs and your … Continue reading This Is Not Life

God Loves Only the USA!

I am finding it hard to open any social media platform. Just to glance for a moment at life beyond my COVID confinement is disturbing. It is as if no one thinks beyond their tongue, shallow thoughts, or lusts. Then again, I think it is time to find new people to associate with. My neighborhood … Continue reading God Loves Only the USA!


Scroll through news feeds and you see that Donald Trump is living inside the heads of news outlets hungry for exposure. I once was told that “negative publicity is good publicity”. This is true in the case of Trump.