Land of Entitlement: Ship Building 101

People are more and more having this sense from birth that they are owed something. This mindset is something I am unable to comprehend. If anyone is entitled to anything, it is those who were silenced. This is easy to distinguish, anyone other than a white male. Thing is, you still have to build your ship and make it strong. Making alterations along the way to allow it to sail through obstacles and survive the overall reality of life. When it sinks, you start over with in depth knowledge how to prevent that from happening again. Yet some cannot grasp the errors and correct them.

Is Life That Bad?

When most reflect upon their lives, they feel they are not living it to the fullest. This can vary from person to person from feelings of discontent over their financial situation, relationship status, and even their physical appearance. There are many reasons, but really...

Do You Feel Dirty?

Dirty. What is dirty? By definition, it is meant to be covered or soiled with an unclean substance. So, what is clean? The synonyms of dirty are many. One I think of is filth or filthy. These words can be so callous and cut deep when used against someone in a certain context. Think of … Continue reading Do You Feel Dirty?

Flying Beyond the Clouds of Depression

For most, depression is like a dark cloud. One that encompasses and surrounds their entire existence. This cloud keeps in the dark thoughts, and emotions, and wears on one physically. There is also the perception that the cloud will never dissipate. Now think of yourself in an airplane on the ground on a very cloudy, … Continue reading Flying Beyond the Clouds of Depression

Life As I Know It

My eyes follow the light through the blinds onto the floor. The interesting shapes and forms come to life in what is really just an illusion. One that is understood. The look on my face would make most feel I am angry, which I am not. I am in deep thought about a lot. Lately, … Continue reading Life As I Know It

Finding My Meaning at the Last Moment

Something happened last night. Something I simply cannot explain. Something supernatural. Going on four weeks since my wife left me and just the overall overwhelming emotions, struggle, and awareness of taking ownership of my mental health has been rough. Very rough. So much so, it has led me to just being totally numb. Mind, body, … Continue reading Finding My Meaning at the Last Moment

Love Simplified

I am tired. Having not slept more than a few hours here and there in the last three nights, which is to be expected. This is not about me. This is about something else. Love. A word so simple but made so complex. It is an emotion we strive to understand on a level in … Continue reading Love Simplified

No Excuses

This past weekend, I experienced a devastating loss. I went to run some Saturday errands, and upon my return, found my wife had left me. A note on the kitchen island that I found very odd but to the point. Why was it odd? It was very drab and didn’t expound on much. Either way, … Continue reading No Excuses

Time to Take A Shower

First and foremost, this is an unusual post. Why? I am not one to brag or push something. Also, I am not getting paid to do this or get any sort of benefit from it from the manufacturer. So, here I go. My favorite thing to do is shower. Especially with good soap. I am … Continue reading Time to Take A Shower