Smartphone Apocalypse

In our hands lies a powerful weapon. One that we use against ourselves daily, over and over again. Tearing away at our identities, and critical thinking abilities, paving a highway to our own demise. We are our own worst enemy and we are armed with harming ourselves, as well as others (i.e. President of the United States coaxing uninformed, irrational citizens to storm a government building and cause chaos all in Tweets).

16,436 Days

Today marks the 45th year I have been on this planet. That is 16,436 days. Seems like an eternity yet it has not. In these several thousand days I have learned more than I can fathom most days. Having experienced the evil of humans and the array of abuses. Good has always been at the forefront when I opened my eyes to it. Those that are loud have nothing to offer. It is the silent ones that hold wisdom, love, and truth. Becoming blind to the exterior of all things, I have found the filling is what makes something what it is. Understanding the behavior of others has become pointless. Focusing on my own and my spiritual wellbeing with my environment. This journey is long from complete. My steps always focused on the right way. I fight everyday with my flawed human traits. 16,436 Days... Here is 16,436 more

North Texas: Goodbye Country, Hello HOAs

Born and raised in North Texas, just under an hour from the Dallas Fort Worth area, I have been able to see first-hand, one of the largest US growths in an area in my lifetime. I was born in the very late 70s in McKinney, Texas. At that time, just under 16,000 people. A bustling … Continue reading North Texas: Goodbye Country, Hello HOAs

Roe v Wade v Education

Learning about the intentions for the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn the ruling of Roe v Wade today floored me. However, this news did not surprise me. Having seen ultra-conservative evangelicals push for this, I personally knew it was a matter of time before this battle fell back into the hands of the bodies and lives it will affect.

The End of Democracy

I want to first admit my guilt to something so petty. I am guilty of letting people and issues live rent free inside my head from time to time. As millions of others do, sometimes much longer, it is unhealthy. The unhealthy portion is the subjects that incite, trigger, and cause you anger. This is … Continue reading The End of Democracy