Faith: The Most Powerful Human Weapon

For some, faith can be simple. For others, complicated. Thing is, what is faith? Faith is either complete trust in someone or something, to a belief in the doctrines of a religion, or even spirituality. Whether it be faith in a God or faith in yourself, there are moments in one’s life that it is broken.

As a young child until my teens, I experienced several types of abuse, something that made me question faith in a higher being. The same issues caused me to have no faith in myself. Low self-confidence, self-esteem, you name it. Most of the world has experienced this at one point or another. It is not abnormal for this to happen.

If your faith in God or a higher being is broken, it is typically due to no proof of existence or circumstances that led you away from that ideology. The same goes for faith in yourself, others, or even humanity. There are instances that cause one to lose faith. Faith is lost due to an outcome expected did not happen. Which life is unexpected. Everyday.

So, we come to the conclusion of what faith really is. There will never be concrete evidence, solid proof of an outcome, or imminent factual data. It is just what it is, faith. A belief in something you feel strongly about and hold close to your identity. Faith is nothing more than thought, right? No.

Faith is something when your mind feels so strongly about, it becomes your identity. It is an energy within yourself. Not all faith is healthy, though. There is some in which their faith is based on destruction of others. There are those who hold themselves in such high regard, their faith in them paves their paths. Whether it be good or evil, faith is powerful. Powerful enough but something science cannot wrap their heads around. The will to live, faith in humanity, and trusting in the unknown. Your mind is in direct control of your destiny.

True faith sees no monetary value or material gain, it only sees perseverance and determination. Again, whether it be in an ideology or just faith in yourself and those around you, it can be contagious as we all well know. Hence why faith in positivity is important. The media outlets pump out steady streams of negativity, which consistently battle or destruct our faith. Balance brings good energy, and I should not have to explain the other.

Find something positive to have faith in, it is worth it.


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