When Life is Too Much

You wake up to the same predicament every morning. Whether it be bills you are unable to handle and have no clue on how to resolve. Possibly it is watching the news and the ever-flowing feed of doom and gloom. Maybe it is the kids driving you nuts and keeping your nerves frazzled. What if it is a project or work all together that is oppressing your mind into a dark state? Then there is the possibility that you are not physically well, and you are finding no reason to continue.

There may be many reasons for this mindset. You name it, I can tell you I have experienced it at one time or another. Aside from a terminal illness, I have lived through all the situations, issues, and emotions one faces when contemplating or even thinking in passing, of giving up. Maybe giving up is not a morbid solution in your head. Quite possibly, it may be escaping by means of disappearing from the “life” everyone thinks you must live. Returning to the roots of our species and living in the wilderness. Many have done this and live very happily. If it turns out to be the termination of yourself all together, that is when you seriously have to seek help and realize, nothing is that bad.

Why do I write this? Am I feeling this way now?


I have in the past very frequently.

I recently helped some individuals in the past handful of months that left me vulnerable to financial hardships. Which it did. Knowing the possibilities of it, I never batted an eye. What is money anyways, something we need to survive, I know. I am not negligent financially, just went through many hardships since 2020 (greatest year of no one’s life). Anyways, I found myself recently unable to pay my rent. Not good, but more common than you can imagine. It bothered me, so much it made me physically ill for several days. Then it hit me. The worst thing that can happen is that I have to move. That is all. There are plenty of other places to go, and as much as I do not enjoy moving, this is life, if in fact it comes to that.

Think about that now. I made myself sick by worrying about something that was not going to affect me physically, yet I did. I let my mental health override my physical. We do this all too often. This is a serious issue in our society. Now, I am not saying you need to go around and say, ” Screw It!” to things you cannot control, but thinking long and hard on what is actually important.

Thing was, I only let this happen for maybe a few days. That was until I relaxed, meditated, and realized it was something that would not affect me physically, therefore why am I letting it disturb my mental space.

So, what is it that you are letting dictate your peace?




Mindspace being polluted by social media?

Think about what you can control, and not what you cannot. You can control your happiness. Yes, you can. You can control a lot of things, sometimes it just is not comfortable and up to what you feel society is setting as standards.

Take a moment and think about this. Let go of all the negativity and delusions. Open your mind and soul to good things. Whatever makes you smile, do it often.

I will suggest mindfulness and meditation. Clarity comes very often through these channels.


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