Speedbumps in the Age of Enlightenment

We as a society have been in the stages of enlightenment for some years now. Things such as intellectualism, technology, environmental awareness, and equality has begun. As much as some people would prefer this not to happen, it is something that is inevitable. You will have a faction of people who fight the changes; therefore, turmoil will occur.

We are arrogant to perceive ourselves as dominant of any life form, yet we do. Our surroundings from birth into early adulthood determines the majority of the ideology of the human species. We think of only ourselves and our own desires. A man once told me, ” I am here to protect my family and my property“. That is the mindset of a vast amount of people in the United States and other demographics in the world. To say it is wrong might be an understatement. People desire many things, and most will do whatever it takes to obtain them. Resources, health, and love being just a few.

As population increases, the aptitude of greed is bound to occur. This includes individuals and companies seeking to control more and more. Look around, it started hundreds of years ago, and it is more prevalent now than ever. This segment of the population, which is a small amount, will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Disregard for quality, environmental factors, and most importantly, human and animal life. They prefer you to see one thing, while hiding the truth. I could go through many different examples here, but the best to give would be by taking in that political leadership in pretty much every country in the world is held by people who come from business, law, and unfortunately neither. Instead, what would be better is to have humanitarians, environmentalists, scientists, and other intellects to govern and lead. Seems utopian, I know, but who knows?

As we trudge further into the future, we learn more and more about the world around us and beyond. In my opinion, civilizations before us have as well, yet never learned the answer to bypass power of the Earth and destruction of people. Too many signs point to intelligence beyond the archaic age that is portrayed in history. Again, just looking at the obvious research and paired with a bit of hypothesizing.

The biggest hot button one can push in American politics is guns. An item invented many years ago by the Chinese by accident. They were trying to invent a potion for the fountain of youth and invented gunpowder. Realized they could use it to shoot projectiles through bamboo shoots. Immediately, they started producing these as means for warfare. Means to end the life of another human being for the sake of power, greed, and ideology. Seems guns are still doing their job.

Just a few days ago, a senior intelligence officer, who worked with a program to monitor UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) activity, became a whistleblower and was on a national news outlet sharing his lawsuit to have the government look into programs he knew were keeping information from his team and the government. This program was known for retrieving crashed and active UAP. When asked were there “pilots” retrieved as well, he stated with confidence that to his knowledge, several have been for decades. Some just laugh it off as lunacy. Sci-fi shenanigans. Understandably, it is hard to wrap your mind around beings from another realm, planet, etc. Here we are, arrogant to think it is just us.

Aliens and spaceships aside, the advancement of our world is inevitable. The one thing is most important to survival is spiritualism. No, not in the religious sense. Spiritualism as in the sense of understanding ourselves, surroundings, emotions, and our energies. I believe there to be a “God”. Whole heartedly. Just not the one that people wage wars for, die for, and separate themselves from others for. I do not believe in the white bearded man in the sky theory. How do we even know God is a man? Oh, yes, cause the Bible stated God made man in His image. Again, the Bible. A very good book. Has good moralistic values but most likely a tad off on its scriptures. The book was compiled by picking and choosing what should go in it by a group of men. Anyways…

Minds become closed off. A lot because of what we choose to believe and what is consistently fed to us. Our diets have a huge impact on how our minds operate and how they operate. Too much for this segment but look into it. You might be very surprised.

As we keep sailing into the years ahead, there will be many changes. People typically do not like changes. This entails giving up what you know to believe and stand for and try to wrap your mind around something you cannot grasp. Having an open mind and thinking critically, seem to be counterproductive, yet they can coexist.

Who knows, maybe in the year 2123, we will have eradicated hate and greed? Unfortunately, a hundred years is probably not enough time for such to evolve.


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