Just Another Shooting

You open a web browser with news, you see it.

Thumb through media channels and you read it.

What are we doing?

What are we accomplishing?

For centuries we have murdered each other and continue down this path.

We take lives over ideology, emotions, mental illness, and any other reason we contrive.

The favorite medium is the gun.

Something we say we need to protect ourselves.

Yet we protect ourselves from others with guns.

Guns to protect from guns.

Not just criminals.

Those who wield them as power and force for their ideology, emotional space, and any reason they feel to brandish and use deadly force.

This is nothing new.

A power to take a life quick and with minimal work.

Weapons such as knives and clubs take physical effort and sometimes precision to take a life.

A simple pull of a trigger is so much easier.

Tyranny is the fear, so they say.

That is far from it.

It goes deeper than that.

It is archaic genetics taking hold to procure a source of power to give oneself that feel of protection, security, and most importantly, power.

You can also thank our video game and movie industry for its share.

So many pretend soldiers and mercenaries, but no actual service in the armed forces from a vast majority.

There are so many arguments for and against.

There is only one answer, although this life will never see it.

There are those that will evolve, and those that will not.

I pray the evolution overcomes.


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