Things To Think About

My mind can be my own worst enemy. I am sure many can identify with that feeling. Falling prey to my thoughts which lead me down a rabbit hole of deeper thoughts. So, I would like to list out some reoccurring thoughts I have either on a daily or weekly basis. You are more than welcome to add your own thoughts in the comments.

  • When I consume a product or purchase an item which comes in packaging, which is everything these days, I always think about just the waste I cause and then I multiply it by a billion and think of the waste and trash just North America produces. It literally blows my mind to comprehend this if you really think about it.
  • Having been in the workforce for almost three decades, I have figured out the recipe to make it to the top of your game in business. This recipe entails so much negative characteristics that it makes me think…”why?”. Why do you have to be cutthroat, greedy, emotionless, and cold. Overt and malignant narcissists make up the majority of the wealth in this world. This is something you really have to wrap your mind around. This power and wealth can only be obtained by those willing to sacrifice humanity.
  • Watching prices rise since I left the nest at seventeen years of age, inflation has been very steady. Looking at inflation and the causes, it astonishes me people complain about it. Demand can trigger inflation as the pull of supply diminishes. The whole theory of capitalism is a great talking point and the same people that are not at the top of the food chain that proclaim capitalism is great, are the same people who are broke because of corporate greed. These are the same people who get minimal raises as their company raises their margins substantially. Do people not see it? The cost of the production of the product only changes because shareholders/owners demand larger margins. If supply runs low and demand is high, the cost will falsely increase due to pure greed. If you think deep enough, you can attribute greed to many of our cultural issues in the United States of America. People will scoff at that statement, but it is true. Think of how the cost of living, products, and inequality of life set the tone for others. Just look at those who turn to illegal activities to make a living. It is a domino effect.
  • How is it that some of the best liars, even some uneducated, and ones who can be bought by lobbyists are making laws in our country? I understand you have a right to vote, but I feel there should be a baseline for qualification? In a country where we are not the most educated in the world, with other countries surpassing us, we place people in powerful positions with no critical thinking skills or ability to distinguish fact from fiction. Think about the absurdness of politics in general.
  • How many times can someone break the law and get away with it? This whole Trump deal is ridiculous. The guy is crying about things that he tried to do to others and now is happening to him. He who cries the loudest and repeats the same thing is usually the one guilty of it. This has been true since the dawn of man. Anyone who sits in the chair of the most powerful nation of the world and spends more time golfing and calling people stupid, idiots, and losers just needs to go away. Period. His con is up.

These are just a few things on my mind this week.


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