16,436 Days

Today marks the 45th year I have been on this planet.

That is 16,436 days.

Seems like an eternity yet it has not.

In these several thousand days I have learned more than I can fathom most days.

Having experienced the evil of humans and the array of abuses.

Good has always been at the forefront when I opened my eyes to it.

Those that are loud have nothing to offer.

It is the silent ones that hold wisdom, love, and truth.

Becoming blind to the exterior of all things, I have found the filling is what makes something what it is.

Understanding the behavior of others has become pointless.

Focusing on my own and my spiritual wellbeing with my environment.

This journey is long from complete.

My steps always focused on the right way.

I fight everyday with my flawed human traits.

16,436 Days…

Here is 16,436 more.


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