Is Life That Bad?

When most reflect upon their lives, they feel they are not living it to the fullest. This can vary from person to person from feelings of discontent over their financial situation, relationship status, and even their physical appearance. There are many reasons, but really…

How bad is it?

Given the main triggers to feeling things are bad, let us begin with some simple questions.

Do you have access to and drink clean fresh water daily?

Are you able to afford or get assistance to eat some type of food on a daily basis?

Do you have shelter and running water?

Did you wake up? (Trick question)

How is your health?

Are you in an environment free of oppression.

In your mind, what is it that makes your life bad?

This could turn into a very long post, but for clarity’s sake, I will keep it short and concise.

Think about the above questions. Our existence on this planet is to survive as any other creature or organism. To do this, we must have water, food, and shelter. If you have these three, you need to take the level of what you think is bad about your life and decrease it tremendously. Even if the shelter is a tent, car, or cave. It keeps you out of the elements.

Now, we think about our emotional being. This is important as well, but not mandatory for survival. Yet it has a profound effect on us either good or bad and is up to us to determine. Yes, up to us. Our depression, anxiety, and mental health…largely brought on as the byproduct of unreachable material desires, very poor diets, and lack of exercise.

What we let surround and control us dictates our happiness. (Read that again, and one more time for good measure)

Understanding health issues, trauma, and other factors can dictate quality of life, I will say these are understandable and can be healed with time, therapy, or the realization that life is a gift and death is not always an end. It is choice to each and every soul to determine their belief and reality to this. I know for a fact death it is not an end, but without proof, I understand where people may stand. Although, these same people will subscribe to social media, news, and other counterfactual means to obtain a “truth”.

What you do determines your outcome.

Do bad things, expect bad results. Make wrong decisions, expect to learn what they were wrong.

Some spend so much time focusing on what is bad instead of what is good. I am guilty of it myself. Thing is, I have learned and been making leaps and bounds to separate myself from what made me feel like my life was bad. This includes people. People you think you love, but in reality, they use you as means to an end on their part. Sex, money, worship, etc. They exist. They are vampires in your life, and you have to detach and take their fangs out of your neck (life). This can also be people hell bent on oppressing you. Whether it be racist, sexist, or the several other reasons they find something to “hate” you about, you steer from the path they bait you in.

This also relates to actions and practices. Sometimes your mental health will cause you to do things that you think make you feel better, but they are hurting you more and causing you further harm. Binge eating, drinking, drugs, compulsive shopping, etc. The list could go on.

I am blessed. Blessed to have made it this far and every time I hit rock bottom, thoughts of suicide, somehow there was a ladder or elevator to get me out. I don’t know how else to explain it but being blessed. In reality, I should have been in prison, consistent trouble, or dead. Death eluded me several times. SEVERAL. When meditating, those times come to me and instead of laughing at them, I respect the power that keeps me here. The reason I am here and why, is still a mystery for me. We all look for that answer I believe. I feel looking for it is pointless, let it find you. Either way, find a way far from the noise and ask yourself a simple question.

Again, how bad is your life?

Let me know if you feel it is so bad. I’ll listen.


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