Do You Feel Dirty?

Dirty. What is dirty? By definition, it is meant to be covered or soiled with an unclean substance.

So, what is clean?

The synonyms of dirty are many. One I think of is filth or filthy. These words can be so callous and cut deep when used against someone in a certain context. Think of how people have used the word dirty or even filthy. Most likely were being used to describe someone or something.

We live in this creature-comfort world that allows us the luxury to know the defined terms of clean and dirty. I feel clean and dirty are, at this moment, ying and yang. Counter to one another but only by human standards. They are polar opposites of each other and have effects on how to get to each end of that spectrum. Just like positive and negative energy, to get positive ions, there must be negative ions. They co-exist.

Therefore, if something is clean, something had to get dirty to get it that way.

Think about that for a moment. Let us move on to a common example.

Think about walking into a clean bathroom. To get the desired result, chemicals had to be used. To make those chemicals, some resource was harvested or acquired to do such and left a byproduct. Left something dirty. Also, while cleaning this bathroom, you used disposable paper towels. Which became dirty. Then you threw them away and they are now in the mecca of dirty, a landfill. Let us even consider scrubbing the tub, toilet, and sink and rinsing them. Dirty water has now been expelled into a system that will go into a water source to be treated and never be as pure or clean as it once was. Was it ever clean to begin with?

When you think of the simple luxury of eating fast food, buying groceries, or clothing. All the waste and things that become soiled during that process. It becomes dirty.

Same with our lives. There are people who do something beyond the moral baseline that was instilled by man over 2000 years ago that considers what they do dirty. Thoughts, actions, business, and more.

At this point, one would ask where I am trying to get with this. It is a simple cause-and-effect conundrum. For there to be one thing, there must be an opposite. Unfortunately, the laws of physics rule on this. This goes with people, actions, thoughts, animals, and values.

We live in a world where most of us should have died already. As morbid as that sounds, it is the truth. Without science and technological advances, this would still be the case. Hence our population growth just in the last 200 years. We cheat nature and our Earth every day. We continue to put a strain on her resources and destroy her creatures. People will say these are the end times. I must politely disagree. I do believe in God, just not in religion and all the fears, rules, and propaganda it spreads. God has led me to appreciate simpler things and respect what is around me. Apologies, as I did not intend for this to be ideological, yet this is where things lead for most.

My thoughts, my heart, and my energy feel we should listen more to Earth. There is a way where there is no waste or “dirty”. Our selfish nature clouds that thought process. It shuts down the part of the brain and extinguishes the energy that allows us to love freely and live within our means.

In my dreams, I feel warm morning sunlight along with vibrant rays dancing around me. I see semi-transparent linens flowing in the wind, caressing the body of me and my soulmate. The touch of bare skin with no shame or self-consciousness. There is joy, there are smiles, and there is love. The laughs of children and the smell of life. This is what the Earth shows me.

In that dream, there is no dirty. There is no clean. There is just love.


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