The Secret of Love, Happiness, and Success.

If there is one thing you could change about your life, or for that matter, thinking about different choices you could have made, what would they be?

This is one of our biggest downfalls as humans. We live in the past. Focusing on what was, what could have been, and what we are not. Sound familiar? Trust me, I know. I have been guilty of it majority of my adult life. What even triggered it most for me was watching television and movies, reading, and scanning social media. It was an incessant reminder of failure. A failure I made up in my head and society further solidified as such. I was not good looking enough, did not have the right vehicle, home, hobbies, clothes, or job. Yet did I fail?

This is not a very complicated answer. No, I did not fail. Have we failed with our choices? That all depends on how YOU choose to look at it. All decisions we make are of free will. There are no decisions we make that are “predestined” or absolute in the ability to not adjust course. If you choose to believe in the theory of the matrix, I find humor in this, then you know there are many choices. Choices. Think about that word. An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. Sometimes the possibilities are endless.

I should have ________?

I could have _________?

It used to be ________?

I was ________________?

The variables of these questions and reflections are numerous. The truth of the matter is that it was, it did, and this is now. Changing one’s mindset to living for today and not yesterday is crucial in our journey. It is very difficult to master this thought process and lifestyle change. We learn from the past, not relive it daily or dwell on the outcome. What is even more important, is not focusing on hope for the future. Your choices are key factors in the outcome of the future. Therefore, you choose wisely. If the choice is not one that is working well for that goal or outcome, you adjust. It is never too late.

Faith in oneself is rare. False confidence is more common. People and the ever-changing status quo have made some of us feel inferior, like failures, and not worthy of love, happiness, or success. This is real and it affects millions. Some parents have caused this. Peers have helped project this disillusion. How can we live up to what seems to be “perfect” and live a good life?

That, my friends, is up to you!

Questions that seem so complicated, elusive, and hard to realize but are so very simple are:

What is success?

What is love?

What is happiness?

The three pillars as humans we strive for.

A success could be that you walked two miles today, and plan to do it tomorrow. Love could be the feeling you get when you are around another human. It does not always have to be physical. Happiness? If looking at a beautiful flower gives you pleasure, that is happiness. Seeking the pleasures, emotions, and status standardized and perverted by the space around you is lying to yourself and your soul.

Focus on what is and what can be, not empty “wants” that follow a path of discourse and emotional health side effects.

Love, happiness, and success. So simple but overly inflated as something more.

Could you live without your huge televsion if you had a book? Yes.

Could you live without that book? Absolutely.

What if your mental stimulation was something as simple as meditatian. Yes, sounds boring and stupid to a mind unfamilar with its effectiveness on grounding one.

There is a lot we take for granted and replace with “stuff” and “stimulants” to cloak us from the natural beauty of ourselves, our minds, our surrounding world, and Mother Nature.

I am not saying drop everything and become a hippy! I am saying slowly digress from some false implanted ideology and live a better life.

So, what is the secret? There is no secret. It is a matter of opening your eyes to what is really important and what really matters.

If you agree, think more need to hear this, please share!


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