Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Miracles, and God

As a child, all of us believed in the supernatural. Heck, we believed in the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus. We get older and critical thinking takes over and logic kicks in. Well, for some of us.

Millions, if not billions, of us, believe in a Creator. Some more than one, others none at all. That is what makes us different. Unfortunately, that is what separates us. The divide in our ideology and feelings differs from one person to the next. Problem is, we are still human. No matter what we think and feel, our biological makeup is the same. We all possess the ability to feel love.

Science will attribute love to chemical reactions which cause receptors and such to fire. The ones still grasping the supernatural will owe to fate and emotions of the soul. To be fair, most feelings of love can be compared to that of the Easter bunny and old Saint Nick. Think about it. Love can be trained, groomed, and falsely felt. We all have been there, even though those who deny it, have been fooled by the emotion we call love.

Love that is pure and simple does not cause complications. It is as I stated, pure and simple. Real love has no boundaries and no rules. It can make a person drop what they are doing and do the unthinkable. Pure and simple. No rules. No prompts.

Love that comes from reassurance, whispers of despair, lack of confidence, and forceful assertions, is not love. That is one of our many traits as humans that causes issues. We refuse to see the truth. Reality. There is always something more and something splendid. We have been blessed with imagination and skilled storytellers. What else eases our minds and distracts us from reality?

Therefore, if we can be duped into feeling a certain way, we can be duped in many ways. Most see this and think of things such as God, spirits, souls, etc. as complete works of fiction. Think about it, it makes sense! People are scared of dying so they invent this magical afterlife sheriffed by this all-loving Creator. This magical Being has no boundaries and created the universe. Has a legion of angels and performs miracles by the minute. What? You have not experienced one of these miracles? Oh, so they do not exist due to that.

Yet you will believe in something else that is one-sided and not seen by others? Do we need to go over this again?

Many miracles have happened to me. It took many years to accept what they were and to give credit where the credit is due. When my heart was warmed and filled with the Spirit of our Creator, I knew in that instant. Years of miraculous instances that I always chalked up to luck, good timing, or charm, were really works of God. There is no way I have spent this many years on this plane, this realm, this Earth, and be in the position I am if it was not for a higher being. Am I special? Yes. So are you. You can rattle off all the bad things that have happened from death, disease, pain, destruction, loss, and any personal issue, and I can tell you that you still are gifted. Gifted to open your heart and love purely and simply. Without boundaries or rules.

This is YOUR choice. It always has to be. It is not about drinking the Kool-Aid or any of the other nomenclatures that allude to being spiritual. You do not have to be religious to love one another purely and simply or even open up to God. Again, NO RULES. A very important part a lot of people miss. Bound by rules and regulations, one can get really tied up heavily in a religion and what is right and what is wrong. Jesus made this very clear, even though we still want to translate it to what suits us. Not all of us, but a lot of people and religions.

If you take the time to ground your mind and pull it away from all the electronic distractions for a few moments, silence the surrounding noise, and ask God for a miracle, you might be surprised. Problem is, asking for something not intended typically leads people back to the “F this, it is all BS!” mentality. Which, I understand. When you quit wanting and start needing, things change. When you start giving and stop taking, you see and whole new world.

When do you “hear” God? God does not speak in words but to the heart. In love. A love stronger than any other. Although, you have to open up to hear it. When it comes, it is overwhelming and will put the most hardened person on their knees with eyes full of tears. It is truly magical.

So here is the deal.

I believe in science.

I believe in God.

I believe in miracles.

I believe in these things more than I believe what you tell me. 🙂


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