This Is Not Life

Most dwell in the confines of a platform consisting of a video that is only seconds long yet keeps their attention to their electronic device.

Scrolling through feeds on various apps and sites only to see life in pretend by others and brimming with misinformation.

Envy and longing for what your cornea absorbs and your ears echo.

A feeling of depression, anxiety, and self-hatred develops and entangles inside your soul.

You define your life and thoughts from visuals that in turn cause a macabre of events of the mind and persona.

Relationships and love are based on what we see around us and not how we feel.

This is not life.

Life is more than the noise you attach yourself to in the palm of your hand.

It is more than what you allow your mind to consume from audio and visual media.

There is a meaning.

There is a reason.

Open your heart, open your mind, open your ears.

Shut out the noise.

You will hear it.

Allow yourself to be free of all the stressors and triggers.

Allow yourself to live life.


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