God Loves Only the USA!

I am finding it hard to open any social media platform.

Just to glance for a moment at life beyond my COVID confinement is disturbing.

It is as if no one thinks beyond their tongue, shallow thoughts, or lusts.

Then again, I think it is time to find new people to associate with.

My neighborhood Facebook page is riddled with angry posts regarding voting against low-income developments in the town I live. They hurl perceptions and stereotypes to those who would be potential tenants, even before they really know them. If a “For Lease” post comes up, they come out in phobic contempt against those heathens who rent. These same “neighbors” are always posting shallow, arrogant, and self-aggrandizing posts. What is important to them is their yard, their belongings, complaining the school dislikes their children, and a picture of a life they took off Instagram and attempt to live on a daily basis. Always a post about how great America is and some passive aggressive insult at immigrants working around town and who happen to live in the same neighborhood. Meanwhile, they are miserable, and their souls are empty and lifeless. They need help.

I would hate to have to inform them I rent here.

Meanwhile on other platforms as well, you have the same noise of those pushing political agendas and ideologies. The best way to describe the way it looks and sounds, is as if you gave a child an energy drink and put them in a small room for a bit. Meaningless noise and energy projected out to relieve the tension and hatred they hold in their hearts and minds. Name the subject and you have an onslaught of opinions, which those who hold them believe as fact and law.

When did it become “okay” to be hateful, judgmental, and just horrible to one another?

The level of toxicity is unbelievable in the United States of America. Sorry, ‘Merica.

Some of these “neighbors” of mine and those on social media are the same inviting others to their church. That alone is sad. Do all these people congregate and profess faith to God for an hour a week and for the rest, push their entitlement?

I am neither their judge nor juror.

What is it that people are living for in that mindset?

A lot of people say themselves. Ok. No one else?

Love for your fellow human is natural, yet most become exclusive to ones who can benefit their life in that moment or time.

When someone continues to act a certain way towards you, you must do two things.

  1. Forgive them. Forgive them for being ignorant and not allowing themselves to see beyond the programmed information and perceptions from their daily intake of falsehoods. Share with them that love and understanding is the key to life.
  2. You have to walk away and never go back. If they come back, allow them a chance, if they fail, continue walking your journey with your back to them. There will be soul vampires and leaches. You must push them away and keep momentum.

I am not stating that love does not exist in this nation or this world. Getting on any social media channel will bring one to believe the false shepherds who state the end times are here. Due respect to the ones who are proud of their citizenship to this nation and followers of God. However, my ethnicity, creed, ideology, and citizenship does not define my limits to who and what I love. I was born here without a choice and do not regret my birthright of that. Somedays, I ashamed.

Am I anti-American? No.

To be fair, I could live anywhere and be happy. Obviously, some regimes and governments might not be suitable, but if I had no choice, then I would make the best of it.

The thing that hurts the most is watching people blindly claim that America is God’s country. Please explain this to me?

Here is what I am gathering from the highly Disneyfication of American History.

  • God wanted only white Europeans to colonize this land.
  • God made it clear that the natives here were heathens and needed to be murdered and abolished.
  • God gave Divine Authority to gather natives from the continent of Africa and bring them over as nothing more than a piece of livestock.
  • God wanted us to have all this technology and advancement, meanwhile destroying the planet he created and leaving his work in peril and abusing the creatures he created.
  • God wanted us to treat women as inferior and only by “giving in” allow them rights in the last 50 years along with others that were not white males.
  • God wants us to conquer and destroy for means of oil, materials, money, and power.
  • God deemed the first charter of the land of America ok to ONLY allow white immigrants of the United Kingdom citizenship. (You should probably study history more).
  • God wants us to have guns and stockpile them freely. Someone even found a verse in the Bible talking about taking your “sword” as proof of such and explained that to me. The sword meant tongue in that verse. Tongue meaning words. Wrong weapon.
  • God wanted Protestant European Christianity to reign king. (And all the other 1000 offshoots)

I will stop there. The God of Mercy never intended for such. Jesus did not give his life for our sins for us to continue as the Romans did.

You have Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, and others preaching the feel-good messages that God wants you to be rich, famous, and have a private jet (maybe not a private jet, well…). This is for money. Preaching for tithes.

Psalm 23:5
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.”

King James Version Holy Bible

Some will say this means if you do good, the Lord will bless you with riches, success, vacation homes, and a fabulous sex life. Well, the cup is your heart, your happiness. Not your wallet, bank account, Instagram followers, or underwear.

When you look at what is important in life, and you feel it is status, comfort, and power…you will find yourself as I did not too long ago. In a dark corridor of emptiness. When that day comes, if it comes, and He calls you and touches your heart, it will change your life.

You will see religion is a rouse. There are no rules to worshipping or praying. Best done in silence and alone if you ask me, again, that is just me. I don’t need someone to preach at me, if you listen close enough, the main One will speak to your heart. The Bible is a good book, and seems to have more versions than Rambo sequels, but if you want to know more, give your heart and soul to Him and he will show you.

There is no difference in any of us. We are all His creation! His children. No matter where you live, what you look like, how you talk, what you wear, or who you are. We are all here for the same thing. If you do not know why, then you should start by asking Him.


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