COVID: Souvenir or Divine Gift?

Spent my entire last week in Biloxi, Mississippi for work. Very naturally beautiful area of the United States. Highly recommend seeing any of the southern Gulf states if you have not. Just gorgeous. Some elements, however, I did not partake in, which was the many casinos. Just not my thing. I did however bring back a souvenir. One I was really not expecting.

Guess my initial sign was walking into DFW airport last Sunday to a mask-free airport. Which surprised me. Asking an airport associate regarding this, they said they recommended wearing one, but is not required. Well, I was still going to wear my mask. Yes, I am vaccinated. NO, I am not afraid, I just do not prefer to be sick. Who does?

Getting “looks” from fellow travelers, it just reassured me I was making a sound decision. A short one-hour flight and I was in Gulfport, Mississippi’s GPT airport. Collected my luggage and preceded to my hotel. Throughout the week I noticed no masks anywhere. Understanding this is what most people want, I just went with the status quo and ditched the mask. Went about my week.

Come Wednesday evening, I had developed a sore throat. Which was odd. This is atypical for me. Didn’t sleep well that evening. Woke up several times with a fever, and just irritable. At this point I was convinced I had a cold or flu. Maybe something even possibly with the vast humidity change that I was not familiar with. Got up Thursday morning and was definitely stopped up sinus wise. Grabbed some essentials for such an ailment at a convenience store and they helped a bit. People told me it was probably the humidity. During lunch, I went to a Walgreens to grab some more high-powered solutions. I saw a sign for COVID-19 testing. “Hmmm” I thought, why not?

After the pharmacy tech came back with positive results, she asked for my driver’s license, which I lied and said I did not have. At this point, I was convinced I would not be allowed on a plane if I allowed them to record me. I quickly exited the store and contacted my supervisor. He stated I consult with the company I was consulting and get their feelings. Thing is, I did, and they treat COVID like a cold. OK?

I ended up staying through my Friday as planned and flew home. I will say, it did feel just like a head cold. That was it. Then I woke up Saturday morning with a very high fever, wheezing, and feeling like I had been hit by a speeding train. It was horrible. I had lost all sense of taste and smell and in complete misery with fluids running from eyes, nose and throat.

Ended up in urgent care where I got meds to help relieve bronchitis symptoms stemming from COVID infection, in which they tested and stated I was positive as well. So, what happened? Where did I go wrong?

I half feel it was God making sure I didn’t do anything stupid while in Mississippi. Drinking alcohol passed my mind as I was really missing my loved ones. Being so far away, yet I never caved. Seemed a few of the female employees at the business were in awe of me and were trying to get me to take them to dinner, which I played oblivious to and ignored their obvious advances. I am a male, but I love one woman. No intentions of that changing. Maybe He blessed with COVID in case I somehow let my demons guide me to drinking? That would be interesting.

Maybe people just don’t care about anything other than themselves?

Who knows, what a week though. Working from home, I do not get out much, and when I do, I pick up COVID like a one picks up a newspaper at the local newsstand.

Hope everyone has a blessed week ahead.

Remember, life is not about how much you have but how much you give. This does not solely point to monetary things, I am talking love, understanding, and compassion.


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