As I bowed my head in disgrace and profess my decadence
Asking for the strength to make it another day
The Spirit fills my heart with a love I can’t explain or even reference
Looking for answers to guide me the right way

Everywhere I look I see her face
Diamond eyes, shimmering smile, the essence of grace
Things I took for granted and words I never said
Hidden behind something that controlled my emotions and the wrong it did

Memories elude me that leave me scared and confused
Why did I let this impious energy fuse into my being
Allowing foreign forces to project all I endured from pain and abuse
Onto my angel who was sent to me with pure love unseeing

A decade has passed, and a spiritual war has left scars and fears
My dear Elijah came to me and reminded me that he is always here
Eyes full of overwhelming joy seeing my son
Reminding myself of where the sharpest turn begun

I took his hand and held it to my cheek
Unbelieving what I was feeling and seeing
Comfort and love coursed through my entire soul
Reminders of what sent me spiraling totally out of control

Realizing what love was and how I always stowed it away
My son showed me in moments all the decades I had been astray
His voice soothing, his eyes like his mother, and a smile so familiar
Noticing his other hand empty, in which he said is for his mother.

His touch brought reflections of my journey in the past
One bereft until I met a love so pure
In which I crumbled and allowed the darkness to amass
Inflicting a burden upon my angel and making her endure

Promising my son that I pray hard to return to his mother
So that both his hands connect to a love that is like no other
Beaming with light and asking me to pray for healing and faith
As another’s free will is not in our Father’s design to abate.

As he walked away, I witnessed something even more profound
Familiar little four-legged creatures following him around.
Eyes pouring tears of happiness and joy
All of our lost creatures watching after our boy.


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