Religion, Atheists, Agnostics, and the Truth

As what happened to me earlier this week, some people’s first reflex reaction is to share what happened. Go out and tell everyone! Preach the Word of Christ! On one hand, I can understand this feeling, and on the other hand, it is something personal and life changing. Therefore, you choose your path. I am choosing mine. Choosing the path to testify to others is brave.

How is it brave?

You will be met with more critics than open arms and ears. There are a vast number of atheists, agnostic, and counter views that exist.  You cannot blame these groups. This is due to what religion has done to our current society. Without pointing fingers, as I do not feel is productive, let us just say, there are many religions. Of those many religions, there are many denominations. Christianity alone has over ten thousand denominations. Yes, that is astounding and just a portion of the reason for skeptics to hold for validation. A large majority of all religions hold significant amounts of power, influence, and financial wealth. This is a large issue as well to the eyes from outside the “circle”.

Why do these megachurches exist? Why is it their pastors have private jets, mansions, and bask in luxury? Multi-million-dollar book deals and media contracts come with this group as well. They boast of charitable acts, yet if they truly gave and attempted to walk in the path of Christ as the scripture professes, these materials and excess would not exist. Yet one very famous megachurch pastor proclaims that the Lord “will not just give you enough. The Lord will let your cup overflow.” I do realize where this comes from, but I do not believe it meant money, fortune, luxury, etc. It meant love. Of course, this is the norm for these pastors. To preach good health and prosperity. It reaches many as this is all they want to hear.

Thinking back in history, our American history. What has religion brought us? Let us go all the way back to King Henry! He had a wife that was giving him children, he contacted the Pope and requested a divorce, in which the Pope declined. Henry did not like that answer; therefore, he detached from the Catholic Church and created the Church of England. The good old Church of England. Rules, rules, more strict rules, AND… rules. Maybe why protestants starting fleeing England for the New World? Low and behold for religious freedoms. Typically, a good thing, problem is, there is always someone wanting the full attention and following of a flock. That is where the Christian religion in the United States in the last 300 years has multiplied into tens of thousands of different denominations.

Again, just from a quick observation of some of these religions, one in question on the existence of a higher power typically shies away completely and denounces it all together. Can you blame them? I am not going to go into all the major Christian religions as it is extensive and pointing out some of their hallmark beliefs and ideology takes up energy I do not wish to give to that purpose. I will let those investigate it for themselves.

This takes us to atheism. Which is different from agnostic, which is to neither believe nor not believe. Agnosticism is uncertain. Which I feel a lot of agnostic people claim atheism for attention purposes and for solidity of an ideology. Atheism, which I grew around many as a parents and peers (grew up around as many Christians, Muslim, Judaism, Hindus, and Buddhists as well), is the belief that there is no God or spirituality of any kind. That this is all just natural selective and circumstance.

Problem is, I respect an Atheist. Just as I respect any other religion, belief, or ideology. As long as it does not harm or lower the value of that person or persons that follow it. Simple as that for me.


I am the judge of no one. I cannot deem someone’s outlook or ideology as wrong or immoral. Now there are some that are, but who am I to throw “shade” at them and denounce them? If an Atheist wants to throw questions and issues regarding the existence of Christ and the Holy Spirit, I will never bite. That is personal to me. They have their opinion, and I have my proof in my heart. If these same people need help, I will give the shirt off my back to help them. Because, to me, my relationship with Christ is not one of judging or categorizing. It is one of loving your fellow human, creature, and Earth. This goes with anyone and everyone to me.

I, unfortunately, am a Twitter user and on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets. Thing is, I am barely on there. Only on these outlets to share my work. I see more people boasting and hurling insults than trying to have a moderate conversation without pushing their narrative or ideology. Of course, that is the world from behind a keyboard or smartphone. This is the world technology and lack of compassion has brought us. Technology is not bad, it, like most anything, can be perverted and manipulated.

I live in life now where I know what direction I am supposed to go. I have not known that for 30 years. The “goal” is not clear, but I know my basic modus operandi. It is to love myself and others as Christ loved them. It is hard for others to understand this, and I cast no judgement for such. We all will have the opportunity: it will be a matter if you choose to open your heart to Him. Too many Christians talk the Word, but do not walk the Word. No one is perfect, and we are all sinners, but talking is the least effective way of relaying a message or idea.

 So, what is the Truth? 

The Truth is whatever resonates in your heart. It must resonate clearly and concisely the feeling of love. I am still a little overwhelmed myself, and have trouble understanding how anxiety, depression, self-hatred, doubt, and utter hopelessness disappears in a matter of a few supernatural hours I cannot explain in words. I can only explain in a smile and love. Whatever religion or denomination you are, if it is to seek peace and love, it is the Truth. I respect all forms of worship across the globe. As with anything, there are extremists who take religion too far. This goes with all forms and ideology. Being true to the Word and Spirit is the key.

Where do I go from here?

I still have an appointment to begin seeing a psychiatrist. Less than a month away. I am going to tell the doctor everything. Just as I have told my therapist. I am also going to tell them that Christ came into my heart. We will see how that goes!


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