Tearing Down Loved Ones

When you think of this proverb, it should be easily understandable. Building up people, lives, careers, bank accounts, skills, talents, and much more take time. Large amounts of time. Dedication, perseverance, sweat, determination, and patience. Yet we can simply destroy and tear these down with simple words or years of neglect. Abuse would fall well into this as well.

When you find people around you are disappearing, you might look within. Who are you? What gives you the right to tear someone down?

Low self-esteem?

Confidence issues?

Anger issues?


Deflection of many issues and past trauma?

Mine was.

I had to have something extreme to wake me up. Something profound.

This new path I walk, I will only build. The only destruction moving forward, is to the darkness that led me to this.

People can change. It is proven to be true. Take the right step into being a better you and it will radiate amongst others.

Be the change, be the difference.

Like all good things, it takes time and effort.


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