Look for the Light

Life was never guaranteed to be easy, as much as we want to think.

The ones you think have it that way, are the ones who are a living wreck.

Perfection does not exist, even within the confines of love.

Comfort and safety can be had, if you trust in who you are.

When one recognizes and owns their issues, and tears away the mask.

The mask of the monster or even disaster, that was worn to hide the trauma, pain, and the past.

When that mask falls, and the persona that was created within,

you will find yourself free yet burdened with shame.

The shame of what you did, not ever fully understanding why.

The destruction of people, with your words that were just a bunch of lies.

What is left, after the complete costume and act is all gone,

is a person realizing what they truly loved, was in their crosshairs during all along.

Chances can be many, but pain will not forgive. Only love and understanding can cure,

with the passing of time and healing.

Nothing can bring upon the repair of the acts, that happened in proliferation.

Only finding your light, holding it high, and showing your transformation.

The feeling of death will happen, before the feeling of life begins.

You are atoning for your wrongdoings, which that emptiness will eventually give.

When you find yourself in my shoes, vowing to repair what you did.

You fight the darkness and the demons and not give into despair.

Remember that repair is impossible, only never letting it happen again.

My love will not feign, for the loved ones I ultimately hurt.

Nothing else matters, aside from healing for all that experienced my wrath and chose to avert.

I pray to the spirits and the energy that encompasses the Earth and skies, that I heal and am blessed,

with the power to overcome.

I long for my true love to heal and come back into my loving grasp. To look into her eyes, and she trust it is really me and not some wicked heel.

The words that I speak, are all real and true. Never to have to question my intentions,

for the remainder of our days.

Look for the light, you will find it. Sometimes it is buried deep within.

Look for the light and grasp it. So that you may really live.


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