Love Simplified

I am tired.

Having not slept more than a few hours here and there in the last three nights, which is to be expected. This is not about me. This is about something else.


A word so simple but made so complex. It is an emotion we strive to understand on a level in which we end up convoluting it. To a point, in some extreme circumstances, it can be dangerous to one’s health. Which deeply saddens me to think how people could ever get there.

We cannot control this emotion, as much as we would like to think we can. Some get love confused with lust. Which is just what some weird freaking chemical in our body makes us do.

Mental health professionals and gurus feel they have it love figured out and want to come up rational other reasons you are feeling the way you are.

Problem is. Love. It is exactly what the word states.

A humans first love is typically their parents. Which can be categorized and labeled by science and literature, although, it is love.

Typically, the next love is that of another person such as a friend or family member. We can’t categorize this, because it is love for that person. Does not matter the level or degree. Love is not a game or achievement.

People want to throw out terms such as conditional, transactional, and more. Love is unconditional. Regardless of what the one who loves feels, or the beloved. It cannot be controlled.

I’ve sat here and thought about this for years now. I come back to the same conclusion. Love is blind, love does not die, and love is simple.

If we would stop trying to compound so much into the emotion and feeling which is love, and dissect it into fragmented definitions and components, we would realize. Love is simply love.

If you can control it, it is not love.

Trying to fight love is inane and can be perilous.

Just let love happen.

I have fought love all my adolescent and adult life. Now, I give up.

I surrender myself completely to the love I feel and that has been bestowed upon me by others in which I have probably destroyed. Which, it is still there with them. I have to show them I accept it and show them. I must also return it simply, without limitations, provisions or stipulations.

We all should do this. Yes, we are going to get hurt from time to time. Love is something you can never regret.

Just love.


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