Ballad of the Broken

As pieces of yourself slowly gather on the ground, the value of you, your morals, and life slowly drowns.

The drone of everyday hums in your ears, like a helicopter harmonizing to the comfort of isolation in your own despair.

Blaming oneself is the ritual one typically takes, not bearing in mind what is emphasized is merely just petty mistakes.

To pick apart your own being is a human flaw, in typical fashion of falling oblivious to what is really the meaning of it all.

Some seek wisdom, many seek fame, others seek subscribe to self-gratifying reasons to which they lay all the blame.

If it is you that you feel is the culprit, then you have listened too much to the noise and divulged it.

If the pain and hurt is too much to bear, then words must be spoken to an ear that will care.

If the noise is unbearable and drowns out the light, then you shut it out instead of living in flight or fight.

Life is precious and beautiful and can be wonderful if you are aware, otherwise it is an ongoing soap opera drama that will leave you emotionally in disrepair.

This is an ode to the broken, the shamed, the sad, the aching. A call to walk away from the prison you allowed your mind, open heart, and emotions to break in.

You are the writer; those chapters are gone, and the pages have turned. The future is your choice with all the lessons that were and to be learned.

It is your song, your book, your ballad of the broken. Words, feelings, experiences, and emotions that can overpower the loudest of noise and the unspoken.


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