Understanding Your Power: The Beginning of Balance

Within every person lies an energy. A light. Some call it a soul. Today, we will call it your power.  

This power is what generates and pulses through our central nervous system, our heart, and through our brain passages. When we feed this energy too much negativity, it dims and weakens. This in turn can create sickness, depression, anxiety, and many other physical ailments. Not saying this is the reason for all terminal illnesses, yet it is the factor of many.

Think of this energy as a living being. In fact, it is. It is the truest essence of yourself. Aside from the flesh and blood human species you are, your soul is what makes you, well, you!

If someone wants to argue this subject, then let them. It is their prerogative to do such. It comes from their power which is being generated from a core that has not chosen to accept that they cannot understand and, is unbalanced. Hence why numerous neurologists and science scholars know this “power” exists, yet they cannot explain it and have found no method in how to monitor, study, and document in-depth findings. Chalking things up to the unexplained is not the deftest of methods that these scholars and doctors like to do, yet what else can they state in a medical journal?

When you feel goosebumps, butterflies, lust, grief, hurt, and ultimately love, this is how the power is working to stimulate your vessel. Your vessel being your body. These feelings, both physical and mental, are somewhat vaguely explained by science, but left open as to no known actual baseline to why.

The pharmaceutical companies make billions off creating poisons to alter, kill, and numb your power. Some urgently help symptoms, as they are only symptoms. To heal and cure the root cause, you must look deeper inside than just flesh and blood and throwing drugs at it.

When you look at something that is an irritant and you then think, feel, and expand negativity, you are using your power to generate negativity beyond the balance. It in turn releases out to into the surroundings, sometimes causing someone in need of assistance to take on more negativity than their current situation can handle. This is common in our society.

Our surroundings dictate our mood, behavior, ideology, and lifestyle. This in turn causes our power to generate negativity majority of the time. Why? Because what we really need is not what others advertise or preach. It is something so simple yet easily overlooked.

Every time you release negativity upon someone, it can become a chain reaction very easily. In turn, you bring them down and yourself as well. Which now has defeated two souls. This keeps the core churning out negativity in surplus. Thoughts that can make you feel inferior, which can in turn spurn and churn out narcissism as well as depression and anxiety. Ultimately resulting in death from health, bad decisions, or ultimately suicide.

So, you think I am getting to a conclusion to where you let all that negativity out and replace it with just ALL positivity?  No. That is far-fetched, and not possible to my knowledge.

Our power is just that, a power. When you think of electrical currents, they can only exist from positive and negative particles in unison. Electrons and protons. Perfectly balanced and stable to create a current or charge. Same with the power. Negativity exists, as does positivity. In the same theorem as yin and yang exist.

The difference, we must keep this balanced as the positive particles in our power are harder to come by and keep charged in our current surroundings. Therefore, our negativity will see it as chance to expand into the majority shareholder of the power. This is very common and is in pandemic proportions.  We must find that positivity. Share it. Relish it and help others rebalance themselves.

Sound interesting? Let me know…I shall share more!


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