Pulling the Plug on the Noise.

There will be times when the pain of depression and the stranglehold of anxiety have a firm grip on you. This can occur without warning, without prejudice, and with no remorse.  Pharmaceuticals can assist in symptom management yet do not treat the underlying issue. For most, those SSRIs do little to curb this. Your mind is a black hole of nothing, and your body feels like all the life has been drained from your soul.

You are not alone.

Millions of people around the world feel this way. Some daily, monthly, or during extreme emotional stress. These stressors and triggers are a plague. Society and the perception instilled on most of us from childhood help harbor these in our everyday lives. What is this plague?

The daily grind to pay the bills.

Focusing our everyday towards financial gain.

The self-awareness brought on by a definition of success that is burnt into our beings.

Searching for a partner, love, or companionship. Possibly trying to retain all of those if you already have a partner.

The prolonged journey to make others happy, whilst sacrificing our well-being.

Striving to meet the status quo.

The pursuit of beauty.

The need for attention.

The never-ending hunt for happiness.

Sound familiar? Is this you? I could go on, but thought I would hit the main points.

Now do this.

Imagine refocusing your mind away from these stressors. Sitting down, taking deep breaths, and letting go of all the misconceptions about happiness and the meaning of life.

Easier said that done, right?

Not necessarily. It can be done.

Some will think, “Am I supposed to become some eclectic naturalist?”.  No, but if you want to, great.

The answer lies within your mind and your body.

Retraining the mind to accept that the happiness ideology that was injected into you through society is not exactly the happiness you want to be chasing.

Putting the right food and fuel into your body as nature intended. If you want to get into an argument about cost, eating clean and healthy is cheaper than you think, and cheaper in the long run.

Unplugging from your electronic devices for segments of the day is necessary to help heal from the traumatic emotional stress that is incurred from emails, texts, social media, news outlets, videos, etc.

When you are able to devote time back to yourself for a few hours a day, I can show you how to rid yourself of the plague that encompasses our daily lives. Nothing extreme, by common standards, and nothing harmful to yourself or others.

Letting yourself put more value in yourself and what you can spiritually achieve rather than the monetary value you seek daily.

 Steering your mind away from the plane of discord that you consistently let yourself occupy.

Freeing yourself from the chains of judgement and status quo.

The simplicity of love that is euphoric and pure, rather than forced or desired.

Depression and anxiety will slowly slip into oblivion and out of your life.

When you are ready, let me know. Pulling the plug on the noise will be the best step you have ever taken.


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