What is the Meaning of Life? Spirituality

Spirituality is a subject I feel is very boundless in interpretation. Not that it needs to be that way, it is due to the simple reason it is practiced differently throughout our civilization.  Simply, it differentiates from culture to culture throughout history. From the early birth of the different religions, all the way to the undeveloped minds of primitive humans feeling that there was something “more” than them.

Now, I am a work in process myself. I choose a path to continual learning, discovering, and making a very determined attempt at being a better human, inhabitant of Earth. Strip away all the laws, regulations, taboos, and the vast amount of other manmade ideals, I find peace and serenity. What some look for in spirituality is an answer to death, which is far from what I feel it is for. It is an answer to the unexplained energy that is prevalent in our world.

Last post, I covered our need for one another. While this still holds true in spirituality, it really is determined by the individual and/or the people. In spirituality, there only needs to be one involved. Ok, that can sound a bit scary! No worries, I am not alluding to ones who feel they are” the walrus, goo goo g’joob.”

If you look around you in your daily life, you are surrounded by a life and society that is created by an eternal lust for all things superficial and the overall ease to get it. If you think about this long enough and look around you, you find how tragic it is. On a basic level, think of fast food. Fast food is very nutritionally lacking, has many health risks, and is not that economical. Yet it is convenient and gives humans the dopamine hit needed to transverse their daily life. Our current outlook is everything needs to be now and nothing in life should take any extended amount of time.

In spirituality, time is everything. Meaning that it will take a good amount of time to get to your overall “nirvana”. It takes a path of wherever it may lead you, to an awakening. For others, it may mean death. Which is morbid in my opinion. Chosen spiritual paths typically comes in the form of the culture that surrounds one. Whether it be an awakening to or brought up within Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism, people of a feather tend to flock together. This is another in-depth subject I find interesting, but I will move on.

Let us not forget atheism or those who are agnostic. Which, I respect, and would never try to share my beliefs on someone else if they did not ask. Everyone is entitled to there own ideology. It is the foundation of our intelligence. Which ranges widely among our species. What separates a “believer” from a skeptic? Not much. Mindset. Critical thinking.

Instead of using my energy to compare and try to invalidate religions and even those who do not “believe” in such, I will keep this short. When someone chooses to hold a belief, it is not our right to attempt to persecute them for such. If their belief holds ill-will, harm to oneself, or others, then attention needs to be given. Otherwise, let them be. Unfortunately, with all religions, there lies sects of followers who claim to be “fundamentalists” of sorts and can stray into the range of dangerous. As for ones who do not accept a belief, again, opinions and choices are part of being an intelligent species.

When I think of spirituality, I think of the ability to accept and understand everything around you. To accept that there are things I will never to be able to fully understand. I need not give it a name or story, just know it is. To appreciate our planet and take care of the Mother, which is Earth. Treat all creatures with the respect they deserve and to better understand them, though leave them in peace. Abuse of another creature or our surroundings is unacceptable and has brought us to where we are. This includes all, and yes, each other and our Earth.

The main goal, which we all in life look for, is the ability to be content. What is content? For some, it is a nice home, nice automobile, money in the back, good job/career, loving partner, good health.  You see, a very small portion of this is our primitive mindset, the other is pure propaganda pumped into our lives since birth.

Spirituality to me is the practice of compromise and balance in all things in life. Whereas some follow words from a book, which are wise beyond their years, others sacrifice living things, and some dress and pray to be in favor to a God or Gods. When one balances their mind, their actions, and life, there you will find what you are looking for.

As a firm proponent of science, I cannot deny the existence of energy beyond the realm of scientific explanation. “They don’t know what to call it yet”, some may say. Well, I do. It is life. All minds are not created equally. Some can comprehend materiel better than others. Others may be able to calculate complex mathematical equations on the fly, and some may have birth related or traumatic induced impairments. Then there are some who can think, see, and feel beyond the veil. Yet, we are all inhabitants of this beautiful world that surrounds us and having to experience the destruction we as a species have set our destiny towards.

Spirituality is a meaning to life. As it can be broadly defined, it is so simple in nature.

In my opinion:

Our world could use more love than hate or isolationism.

We should consume more well written literature other than TikToks, SnapChats, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, news media, and other empty sources of information. It is the equivalent of fast food, but for our minds. Think about it.

Thinking openly and understandingly rather than judgmentally or how we are different. Focus on how differences make us stronger as one.

Healing and health can all be obtained naturally. Majority of the causes of sickness and premature death are results of the unnatural.

You can find peace, health, love, and contentment. You, first, must understand it is not what you have been programmed to know it as.

Spirituality for many, is a meaning of life. If not, then what is the meaning to you?

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