Change the Channel

When you think of all the things that cause you anxiety and depression, you probably dismiss your intake of social media and some the heavily sensationalized news outlets.

Those items will invoke emotions of doubt, insecurity, and false perceptions of reality.

There is evil in this world. Focus on that, you will always see it, feel it, and be stricken down by it.

Good exists in abundance and can be seen when one turns away from the noise and chooses the path of balance and enlightenment.

Your bills and belongings do not determine how successful you are.

What you look like to others and how well they like you is a toxic society blowing its treacherous cloud on you.

You are you; you plant good things; you grow good things. If you do not plant positivity, but expect it, you are part of the problem.

There will always be positive and negative. It must exist. Just like good and evil.

The darkness of depression and anxiety stems from the constant channels you allow to enter your mind and dictate a perception.

Change the channel and you will change your life.


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