Ode to Guns

My early life molded around guns with respect, never to be used in any form against others or to neglect.

Feeding my family occasionally with the tool for which it was created. It was a time when I was far from a store, but now that is dated.

Never was in danger in school by someone who had one, we fought with our fists outside our trucks where they silently hung.

I always saw the purpose of a gun as means to a meal. Against untimely intruders it could protect and unfortunately for criminals to kill.

As my life grew longer and many years passed, guns became a drug for many, and carrying them openly paved a dystopian path.

The power that it makes some feel, I never understood. It is a tool of death, nothing more, nothing less. It is something that causes more harm than good.

Posting common sense on social media draws the extremists and weak minded, to think you are trying to take away their power and privilege to stand behind one.

A power that is in their head, which is nothing more than fear. A perception of action movies which they make heroes with guns and lovingly cheer.

As a tool for hunting, it brought me many meals in far past years. A fowl, a wild hog, maybe some deer.

As I write this ode, I just sold my last gun. For it was to feed my family for a few meals, and hopefully give them hope.

Under different circumstances now, the gun has fed me once again, yet killed many others, and some, before their adult life began.

It is not about taking them all away. It is about the life and our society paving such a chaotic way.

Your kids live in video games, TikTok, and YouTube. Violence is engaging to them, and reality a rouse.

When you look for an answer, it is probably YOU!


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