Time to Take A Shower

First and foremost, this is an unusual post. Why? I am not one to brag or push something. Also, I am not getting paid to do this or get any sort of benefit from it from the manufacturer.

So, here I go. My favorite thing to do is shower. Especially with good soap. I am an aficionado of bar soap as it is not as wasteful, and I am not throwing away plastic bottles. I enjoy bar soaps. Immensely. Having spent good money on any bar soap that I read reviews on and even out of boutique stores. Yes, I have spent $50 on a bar of soap before. Let us not discuss that. I have spent $50 on worse.

This brings me to where I am at today. Not as financially secure as I once was due to leaving corporate America, I have searched for a bar soap with superior quality with a good price. That, within itself, usually does not exist. Well, it does.

I am bald and have used Harry’s razors for about three years. Good quality, decent price, and can even find them anywhere. During this time, I have noticed their line of products growing. Occasionally with a coupon or special deal, I would try their new offerings. Then came the soap. I could not resist.

Their bar soap comes in several scents. ALL of them are spectacular. My favorites are Shiso and Stone. I have used all to date and my wife LOVES all their scents. Scent is important! The scent lasts a LONG time. Blew my mind.

The price point of a bar? At $2.50 per bar, YES, $2.50, you cannot go wrong!

They lather with the most expensive bars I have ever tried. Actually, I enjoy the lather much more.

Harry’s bar soap cleans gently and without over-drying or leaving a “greasy” feel behind. It is a pure clean feeling.

They last approximately two weeks per bar. That is me taking a shower at least once, if not twice a day.

The soap is great for face and cleans odor areas spectacularly.

The size of the bar blew my mind. Buy a cheap bar of soap in a local store, you get something that belongs in a hotel assortment. It is ridiculous. Harry’s soap is a NORMAL good size bar of soap. Something I miss often as I feel manufacturers rip you off by cutting down the size of the product for profits.

Conclusion: Even if I had the income I previously had, I would keep using this product. I have used the best of the best of bar soaps and none come close in all categories like Harry’s. So, good job to Harry’s for making an exceptional piece of work and new part of my life for the past several months.

So, apologies, I write about certain topics, and this was a surprise. I know.

Please check them out at Bar Soap | Specially Formulated for Men’s Skin | Harry’s (harrys.com)


If someone from Harry’s is reading this, yes, I did this on my own because it really changed my thought on a product. If you feel like giving, see the donation page. My rent is due! 🙂

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