Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers Wake Up in 2022.

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.

Thomas Jefferson, 1816

This quote sets a precedence on the diverse ideology and advanced intellect
in which Jefferson possessed. As one of the intellectual powers of the birth of the United States, his legacy still elusive, not fully understood, and life still
a bit of mystery for some scholars to rule Jefferson as one of the most enigmatic
founders of the United States of America. Once you think you have Jefferson
figured out, you run across a nugget that takes you down another path. Granted this quote has been twisted a few different ways with
different agendas. Yet these words in their simplest form mean so much.
Jefferson wrote it to be understood by the most common of intellect.

Let us pretend for a moment that our
founding fathers rose from their slumber of passing and were resurrected into
the current year. What would these individuals think?

As the men who authored and tailored the Constitution and Bill of Rights,
they were diverse in intellect, education, and ideology. I am sure where we
have come as demographic would not much surprise them as they expected America
to be a land of diversity. But how much diversity? How much ignorance? 

Being that the colonies and majority of its workforce was based on slavery and serfdom
in 1776, I think Jefferson would appreciate the change, as well as a few other
intellects of the founding fathers. The more traditional founding fathers at
that time, well, would be shocked. Either way, Lincoln did what Jefferson secretly
yearned for. This, I am grateful to know these men existed for the sake of

I think government would shock the entire group of the founding fathers.
From Congress to the Oval Office.

They would see age old methods of voting that is in dire necessity of

They would one party who lost in 2020, now mobilizing and getting certain seats filled with “players” and trying to cheat and game the system they put in place two centuries ago. 

Lobbyists and the elite who control our government with money instead of the
citizen’s best interest on both sides of the aisle. 

Bipartisan was their intention, yet not an option any longer. 

Lack of education and common sense in those representing people’s livelihoods. We have lawmakers who do not have basic reading comprehension or logic. They are voted in and then get on the payroll of lobbyists, and do the most extreme things to get soundbites, likes on social media, and more. Yet no work into doing the job they are paid or voted in to do. They do nothing in the best interest of THE PEOPLE, just a radical fringe and lobbyists. 

Politicians who are pushing religious agendas when church and state do not
go hand in hand. 

Religion taking hold of a political party which would be reminiscent of WHY

I think they would see the need for amendments, revisions, rewrites, as
population has increased, diversified, and moral compass has diminished.

Realizing the second amendment got mis-interpreted and perverted in 1977 by the NRA for
financial gain and an agenda. End of story.

The overall lack of education and if they looked at the overall academic achievements
of those teaching and the curriculum, they would probably be ready to go back
to their dirt naps. America at one point a while back was considered advanced in
education. Now, we are failing our children miserably. The issue, that would be
subject to another article.

The rampant issue with mental illness and extremism. Of course, they never envisioned
technology to expand to this level. How could they? They would see how majority
of the population derives its opinions from soundbites from biased media,
social media opinion, propaganda, and lack of logic echoing misinformation.

Just seeing the men who sat in the Oval Office in my lifetime would make
them cringe. All of them!

I think most of them would be in shock by gender equality and race equality,
not yet perfect, but advanced well beyond their minds. Ok, maybe not Jefferson.

These are just some of the things I think would stand out. I could
keep on this path and make this more than 50,000 words, yet it would be wasted.
The fact is the Founding Fathers of the United States of America were not
perfect. Yet, a handful of them who helped mold the words that govern us, were intellectuals.
Those feared and deemed dangerous by some circles. They were freethinkers.
Religion did not cloud their thoughts and vision. As some held religious
beliefs, it was understood that the premise of declaring independence from
England and the Church, the power in which they wanted to escape. They wanted
to practice their own beliefs and not be subject to punishment. If one
wanted to worship a chicken and not harm anyone else, then be it. Yet there had to be laws. 

What do you think our founding fathers would think?

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