Living Your Life with Blinders On

For a moment, if you are capable of it, think beyond your set beliefs and theories on what is going on in the world around you.

Try to look at an opposite opinion, way of life, or ideology of your own.

Taking in consideration we are all human and need the same essentials for life, think about what you do have in common. Which are those life essentials and sometimes, more than you realize.

So why is it so hard to find middle ground or compromise?

The answer is simple, yet complicated. Guess what, it all ties into each other eventually.

For starters, we have information flowing like a dam or levy gave way to an endless ocean of water. This information flows freely now with technology. Thing is that the information is not always correct. Correct? It is not always true.

We as a society allow ourselves to be manipulated, groomed, and fooled into such illogical thoughts and beliefs. These are forms of control in which enable the provider of information and your mind somewhat of an allegiance.

This comes in the form of mainstream media, social media, unsubstantiated internet forum posts, print, television, and fictional works.

It is up to us as individuals to be able to use critical thinking to distinguish and filter this information, yet there is a vast majority who take it at face value and swear allegiance to it.

Problem is that THE truth is literally boring and simple. Yes, that is what makes what I am saying seem, insane! Do not get me wrong, there are some things that are complicated, yet they have a baseline of truth that some people just cannot grasp, so they go looking for answers. Which is good, although, their minds, eyes, and ears fall prey to someone spewing nonsense that sparks their heart and emotions. Then we get back to my point.

People find someone who they feel makes sense to them, and is emotional about it, so in turn they get emotional about it and… you get the picture. This fear they possess connects them. Fear of not knowing, quite frankly, not accepting the absoluteness of what is reality.

All media platforms thrive on this fear and ignorance. Internet forums, blogs, sites, and social media are full of people who cannot handle a simple truth, so they must make some crazy theory up which was inspired by a fictional book or movie they watched and BAM. You have a conspiracy theory. Now they share it. Well guess what, due to our lack of critical thinking, it spreads to those incapable of cognitive thought processes.

I am not being mean. I am sharing a dire truth. Alex Jones is a staunch example of someone milking millions out of people who fall for his “truth”. As well as many others. Alex came to mind just due to his fanaticism. He thrives on fear.

Honestly, to spin these conspiracy theories, there is a special recipe.

  • There has to be some truth. Typically, that ranges from 0.1-10% reality. (I went to 10 to be nice)
  • Then you take in consideration weird coincidences and things that could tie back to said theory. That is typically about 30-40% of it.
  • Finally, you add in the shock and awe! This is honestly the biggest part. Wherever your mind and its fantasy go, go THERE! All in!!! Take scenes, plots, and storylines from your favorite movies, books, or social media fiction and complete that conspiracy theory.

There you go. Same recipe goes with propaganda and misinformation, as these are typically more on the freestyle side on the final ingredient. Instead of straight fiction, you piece together past and current events that spark emotion and outrage and point them to the dash of truth and a mix of fiction.

A vast amount in our nation and our world are living in this “delusion”. This invokes fear and belief of everything they see that fits their narrative. Which these are based on fictional, yet they believe they will become reality. Not taken in consideration people’s imaginations for making entertaining fictional works. People are being told:

  • How to think
  • How to feel
  • How to dress
  • How to look
  • How to live
  • How to vote
  • Whom to hate
  • Whom to trust
  • Your fate religiously
  • That difference is WRONG, and they are always RIGHT

I could go on. This is a systemic issue that is plaguing our nation and ultimately our world.

Free speech is alive and kicking. We have to better educate our people on what of that free speech is worth embracing and what is worth going, “Are you kidding me?”.

Otherwise, you get what we have now. Individuals and groups walking around with blinders on. Careless to actual facts, other aspects, or realities.

You will find answers on mental health issues when you grasp the fact of information overload and perversion. The flow will not stop, it is about educating one another on how to decipher it. Sharp increases in anxiety and depression of our nation have come from this vast amount of information overload in the past 30 years. Minds typically cannot handle it. This in turn engages a block to engage inside the head to not let anything else in. It is too much. Yet, that information will not stop flowing. It is making someone very wealthy and powerful. Which, control every aspect of our lives.

You can live your life with blinders on, or you can take them off and see the world completely. To take those blinders off, you must have empathy, compassion, understanding, and the ability to grasp optimism. I believe through all the noise, there is humanity. So should you. It exists. Good exists. We are inherently born good. In my heart, I believe people can change. I have. We are only seeing the evil through the blinders, therefore, to remove them, allows more of the good to come into view.

Join my mission. Spread the word. Everything in moderation…


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