God, Guns, and Gore

In the wake of the Uvalde, Texas massacre, here we are again. Sadly, inundated on all media platforms with an onslaught of anger and an upheaval of feelings and emotions. When does this stop and where do we begin to evolve from this madness?

On one side stands an ideology that an amendment was framed and created to allow for “no infringement” by federal government on owning a firearm. This is true, to an extent. What most do not realize from this side, is that it was created a bit more in-depth than just owning firearms. It was framed around keeping a well-regulated militia in a post-revolutionary war era. Of course, with all legislatures, comes interpretations to suit the needs of ones who are in possession for reasons not associated with any “militia” related activities. This challenge to the original amendment started in the late 1800s and continued through the early 1900s, with socialist and a very few federalist groups ending up in Supreme Court cases arguing their cases to have certain types of firearms. During this time, even the notorious KKK was active on the front of allowing possession of firearms outside of hunting and sporting reasons. There were in fact waging their own personal war on the obvious. This alone would change the way the original amendment was framed to this day.  Along came 1977, when the NRA changed their agenda and focused more on individual rights to owning any firearm the heart could desire with no repercussions. Up to this point, the NRA was solely focused on hunting, sports, and conservation.

Here we are today. Living in the state of Texas, I find myself surrounded by the common ideology of gun rights as owning anything and everything on the market. As a gunowner, of one gun, I find myself a little confused at this thought process and how it has been perverted. Some will use the militia argument.

Having seen these self-appointed militias, it tells of the cognitive dissonance these individuals and small bands of paranoid people possess. Radical ideologies, conspiracy theories, and from what I gather most, fear. Fear in many different facets of their lives. This fear stems from anything from lack of intellectual process, lack of self-confidence, conjured up “boogey” men in black helicopters, and ultimately, the power they feel when they have this weapon. They need these weapons for…?

Many, if not the majority, of these types of individuals typically back all their narratives with the Holy Bible. This is the scariest part. Why? As one who has read the Christian Bible from cover to cover a few times, I have never found anything regarding firearms and weapons as a path to salvation. As a matter of fact, I have read nothing in those scripts about condoning violence and/or possessing methods to counter tyrannical governments. As the Bible advocates love, peace, and allowing Christ to take care of it. Low and behold, some snake tongue pulpit prince will tell you differently. Those types will warn you of Holy Wars you must wage. Again, here lies an issue.

Interpretation. It is always subjective to the beholder. Always will be.  Therefore, I do not partake in religion. There is always an interpretation that caters specifically to those who choose to believe it.

Aside from all the mis-informed zombies who love to associate God with Guns, there is the other side of the spectrum as well. Of course, this opposite stance is part of the “boogey man” theory which is ingrained into the shallow minds of the arsenal owners. In the United States, they are considered liberals. Ones who go against everything the conservative stand for. Problem is, there is no longer a conservative. It is blatant radical ideology that we label “far right”. As there is a far right, there is a far left.

Ying and Yang.

The facts are abundant, yet, are largely ignored as they do not fit one’s subjective ideology. What are just a few of the facts?

Owning a firearm is a huge responsibility and should be allowed for hunting, sporting, and self-defense. I did state self-defense. This is where subjective interpretation runs amuck. This does not mean owning a small arsenal, weapons designed for mass casualties, or destruction. This is not self-defense. Terminology here would need to be changed to offense. As one who has an in-depth background in weaponry, I would challenge anyone in debate over this subject. Again, the firearms in question consistently are not of natural sporting nature or basic self-defense. Having had this argument with self-proclaimed “sportsmen” stating an AR-15 is a hunting rifle, it always ends in them getting phobic and triggered. Hunting is a sport, yet an AR-15 was designed specifically for the armed forces. Military. Not mowing a deer down because you are soulless, narrow-minded, and a piss-poor marksman. Other firearms designed in the last few decades, again, not for feeding your family. They are designed for instant dispatching of the target. That target is 99% of the time not an animal and will not provide nutrition to your family.

The bottom line is this type of violence will not quell.  Not in this society. A society engulfed in hate, greed, and a very skewed aspect of reality. We are surrounded by nonsensical ideology on social media, news media outlets, and even some literature. This has been going on for millennia and will continue.

In the end, this is not about amendments. This is about LIFE. Human life.

People wage war for religious beliefs, greed, and power.

Mental illness scours the Earth due to what WE have created.

Humankind, creatures, and the importance of nature hold no value to a growing population on our planet.

People are biologically programmed to yearn for love, belonging, and meaning. This in turn allows for perversive ideology and outcomes that are atrocious. Most lose this after childhood as they are molded into their environment. Environmental and biological factors pollute mental stability.

There lies the answer. Which is not just a simple fix.

We are the problem. The environment we have created. The one we hold so firm to continue to expand on.

We are the answer. Yet, we do nothing but make noise and destroy.

My heart and love go out to ALL the souls, their families, and loved ones who are lost to such nonsensical violence and destruction. From the past, present, and unfortunately the future.


8 thoughts on “God, Guns, and Gore

  1. I am typically not a person who replies, but you are an astute, intelligent man who really understands this gun violence problem. Your ideas are good, commonsense ideas! They are practical and make sense.

    In my opinion, greed, ignorance and fear are at the core of the issue; and, WE ARE THE PROBLEM. The fix is MULTI-FACETED and complicated. It’s not just guns, it’s peoples’ attitudes. I am sick to death of hearing these “far-right” Christian folks blaming eveyone but themselves for violence and racism while they continue to exploit the ignorant and uneducated population of America… the “boogyman” believers.

    I feel so hopeless every time I read about another shooting. I am a born and bred SoCalifornia lady and I don’t like guns. However, my mother is from the South and I used to spend my summers with family in GA and remember my Uncles taking the dogs and going hunting. However, I don’t understand why anyone would want to have an arsenal in their my house. It sounds sick to me… maybe has some sexual overtones.

    Interpretation, greed, ignorance, and fear-based thinking… these are the words I use on a regular basis, too. I feel so hopeless. There are problems everywhere. Big ones. I am not religious anymore for the same reasons you are not, but if there is a God, he must be looking at us like a bad poker hand… time to throw that hand back. We have fucked up EVERYTHING.

    Please keep posting messages and videos. And, the word SUBJECTIVE is one of my favs and I use it often!

  2. >>This does not mean owning a small arsenal, weapons designed for mass casualties, or destruction. This is not self-defense.

    One of the gun nuts I’ve talked to (as opposed to responsible gun owners, who have maybe a rifle or shotgun for hunting and a pistol for home defense) told me with a straight face last year that he needs all the weapons he can get his hands on for when the zombie apocalypse comes.

    Either he legitimately believed in that, or he had the best poker face I’ve ever seen. To this day, I’m not sure which.

  3. Very well constructed argument that I agree with. I left the NRA the same day Bush the first did fir the same reason. LaPierre is despicable person.

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