Roe v Wade v Education

Learning about the intentions for the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn the ruling of Roe v Wade today floored me. However, this news did not surprise me. Having seen ultra-conservative evangelicals push for this, I personally knew it was a matter of time before this battle fell back into the hands of the bodies and lives it will affect.

I refuse to echo talking points and subjects about this, as Life Indiscreet is not a parakeet or a broken record. What we will blabber on about is the obvious roots of this issue. Whether you agree or not, there is reality and there is opinion. Call this piece opinion, and I would question your education and cognitive abilities. The biggest obstacle this society will fail to ever overcome is the cognitive ability to base decisions and see truths for what they are, not how they are programmed to feel from childhood.

The rights of a woman to make decisions regarding her own body and more, is something there should not even have to be laws and legislature on. It is a born right by nature and this universe. There is no fact, truth, or logical principle to an ancient literary writing for ones who follow it as “gospel”.  This book gives no power or rules that should dictate anything outside of the readers life. It is these people’s right to practice their own religion, yet not infringe on the entirety of the rest. Period.

If you want to get extreme about this, let us take away modern medicine and science from those who believe in ancient racist, sexist literature that makes man superior to woman, and eventually is construed into white man being superior to all. Take these life altering advancements away to keep true to the “word” of healing for those who feel laws from a book should reign superior to laws of the universe. This alone will reduce the life span and positively effect population issues. Just like a virus.

Taking away the freedom and rights for one to choose everything from birth control to an ill-conceived pregnancy is a step back into the realm of the archaic. If this is the case, then let us just fall back into the past. Society is already headed in a dangerous path with an extreme lack of education. Bringing more children in this world that will suffer abuse, neglect, and lack of education is not the answer. “More kids for adoption!”, they say. Are you kidding me? The system is already flawed and those families who are best suited to have children cannot afford the ludicrous adoption fees. The system for this is broken and not one that is very successful in its venture.

However, I do agree there needs to be open discussion on the issue. Getting pregnant and aborting fetuses by one continually would raise question with me. This is where someone might need therapy for an underlying issue and possibly contraceptive help. For those who must abort out of criminal circumstance (rape, incest, etc.), nothing should ever stand in the way of this. Access to birth control and contraceptives for all at no cost would be a start. Education for such starting as early as middle school and implementing it into curriculum.

Having the time and thought to continue this piece beyond 10,000 words, I will keep it under 1000.

Summing this up, for us as a society to ever move forward is through education. Higher education and continuous education for ALL. As a country, we should be focusing trillions into education, not war. Focusing on creating a system of free education that starts in toddler years, with those delivering this education, a comfortable living. This alone will do more for our country and society than all the laws, restrictions, and guidelines you can invent.

Take this one example of ignorance and law, and again, you can educate beyond this. Do not ban books or literature. This helps the ones consuming the text, see the differences in all. We cannot dictate what someone does, says, or wants to do. We can help them flourish and be free thinkers. Consume science, mathematics, classis literary pieces, and social studies. With all issues and laws, better education is typically the answer. You can look at data all day of statistics in the educated vs the uneducated. It will speak for itself.

Teach a kid to read for comprehension, you do more for society than any law or scientific advancement. Kids these days only read the one to two sentences posted on social media posts. School is preparation for tests, not life. This should change.

Want to change the world. Challenge those trying to stop us from evolving into advanced beings with their archaic laws, ideology, and ignorance.


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