Writing Your Story: Daily Affirmation

Amidst all the channels of negativity and narcissism, yet, we still have made it another day in this physical existence.

Another day that begins with a new morning and fresh page in this chapter of life.

What will make it in on the page?

How we failed to meet deadlines?

Why are we overextended on our finances?

What we appear to look like in a picture or video amidst the social media circus?

Who and what we stand behind politically?


What will go on the page eloquently will be the way we helped one another.

Entailing how we made a concerned effort into humanity and life.

It should read that we made a discerning effort to protect what this life gave us naturally. Beauty in nature, creatures, and the human spirit.

None of the other material, vain, or selfish motives will matter to the reader of this book down the road.

Make a vow to live your story pure and without smoke.

No one soul’s life is perfect.

It is all in how we direct our mind and our intentions.

I am a work in process.

Join me in my journey.


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