The End of Democracy

I want to first admit my guilt to something so petty. I am guilty of letting people and issues live rent free inside my head from time to time. As millions of others do, sometimes much longer, it is unhealthy. The unhealthy portion is the subjects that incite, trigger, and cause you anger. This is not the way to live your life.

That being stated, this will chronicle my journey from that flaw. A flaw that has been held company by many more flaws, but one that is critical to let go of to function and move in the right direction. A direction to help others try and find their path as well. Some will embrace it, most will not, and others might consider. I must try. I owe it to the world. We all due.

As Americans, we have all experienced the same political polarization here in the past decade, it has come to a head. No longer is it an issue of political choice, it has become a choice of do we want to make a joint effort to prosper, or relapse into the first 200 years of this nation. The years of wars, skirmishes, civil unrest, division, etc. These times took its tolls on millions and as anyone who knows history well, the victors shape the narrative moving forward. Before now, before technology, people did not have the ability to see the whole picture before and make a conservative effort to prevent the chaos.  We have those choices. Some just choose not to make those choices, others live in fear and hostility towards even having to make a choice.

The choices on the seesaw

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On one side of the spectrum, you have the ones who have a better understanding what it means to becoming a larger nation. They bring attention to important causes such as the environment, human rights, animal rights, social equality and equal opportunity for all, civil rights, and more. Is this side of the spectrum correct in all its actions and efforts? No. They have their radical branches and idealists, just as the others do as well. This branch was built for democracy, and a design that fits more into mass population.

The opposite side, you have those who push for isolationism, trade, financial prosperity, social and fiscal conservatism, immigration restrictions, military spending, gun rights, abortion restrictions, deregulation, restrictions on unions, and more. Again, are all these the way it needs to be? No. As with anything in life, there are many “ways”. As of lately, this side has lost its focus on issues and policies. Now it is pledging allegiance to ideology that is dangerous for our nation. One that will lead us into peril if not handled.

These were meant to compliment each other and create laws and legislature that worked for a complete democracy. Not one side of the fence.

Growing up in a conservative Christian household, I was born at the dawn of the Reagan years on. From Reagan to Bush, to Clinton and another Bush. Then Obama. The one thing that made me different from my siblings, majority of my friends, and most everyone around me, I always questioned everything in my mind. I would then seek out answers for everything. Problem is, not everything has an answer. When problems, issues, and questions do not have solid answers, people make them up. Or worse, live in fear and let their minds manifest fictional mayhem or pleasantries. This is the history of humankind in a nutshell.

So who is right?

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Politics never drew much thought from me like it does for most children and even teens. I saw it at strictly face value until I was in my 20’s. That was when I awoke one day and saw how many people let politics, allegiances, money, and power rule their lives. As disheartening as it was to start to really understand this, I figured it was a part of growing into an adult. It then took me until my 30’s that I realized, the majority do not see what me and select others see. Unfortunately, I have never had the pleasure of really enjoying the company of others like me. I know they exist. Just discreetly silenced by the noise around them. Anyways, it seemed that people grasp for understanding and belonging to a system or ideology that is not always good for all and fits their narrative. I find that selfish and close-minded. Who am I to judge? To each their own. I truly believe that, unless it causes harm, hardship, or oppression.

As I write this, you could label me several different ways. Why would you? Is it your hate, disdain, or ideology that caused you to want to label me? So, who am I?

  • I am David Karter, my only label aside from my social security number.  I have lived my life discreetly for four decades. I will no longer.
  • I refuse to push a narrative or ideology other than understanding we are humans on a planet that most seem to forget.
  • The only difference I see in from person to person is how you treat one another.
  • I subscribe to NO conspiracy theories or ideology. They are brewed and formed out of fear and cowardness of reality.
  • I am often called an eternal optimist and idealist. I believe we are created good by nature.
  • I have no religion, nor will I ever subscribe to one. I have studied 8 different religions in the last 20 years and think they are great. Just not for me. I feel some need to work towards respecting each other more. Religion breeds radicalism. (see history) I am spiritual and have no intention of pushing my theology onto others.
  • I eat mainly a plant-based diet and will sometimes splurge and eat eggs and shellfish. Why? Because I am not hungry enough to take the life of an animal to feed myself.
  • I do have a gun as they were formerly a major tool in my early career.  It is something I take serious enough that I do not feel the need to flaunt it, carry into my favorite coffee shop, or talk about. I believe in the 2nd amendment. I do not feel perverting it is making any sort of statement other than one’s personal weakness and insecurity.
  • I do my best at being a responsible inhabitant of this planet. I make mistakes daily, but who does not?
  • I refuse to classify people other than human.
  • Immigrants? What are those? The United States of America and pretty much North and South America are populated and run by immigrants to this land. Maybe we should let the Nation’s Tribes implement immigration reform? 😉
  • If I was to start a political party, I would call it US. As in us. You, me, and the other millions of people in this country. Working together as one.
  • I see beauty in everything and everyone. Ugly is the way you act.
  • This is about all I feel I should let you know about me at the moment.  Too much too soon might have some creating conspiracy theories. Uh oh!
  • I refuse to attempt to communicate with anyone who states, “Do your research” and is not a professor.

People ask me which way I “lean” politically? I do not lean, I look UP. Not left, not right, UP. Having stated this, I have found that with the left, I have been able to hold an intelligent conversation in the last decade. Some label me moderate or call me libertarian. Nope. No labels unless it is us.  Seems after Obama took office, whom I find to be a very intelligent and good man, everyone on the “right” went off the map psycho and have really been ugly to others and even each other. Then 2016 came about, and low and behold, people typically dropped any kind of logical reasoning and thought process and nodded their heads grunting “M’erica”. It was and still is sad to see how many impressionable people there are out there. You would think with an education those types of zombies would not be created, well, they are. As for our current president? Is he the great hope? NO. You might ask why I refrain from pouncing on him. Well, the previous president made a daily habit of running down someone who refused to fall in line with him. That is not a leader, that is a power hunger. Not to say the former president have a few policies I agreed with, just as a whole is an ugly human being. For a generation starstruck with reality TV, he got those viewers to join his reality TV show of shredding democracy.

It is one thing to be a pioneer, but to play to one base and fill them with lies is dangerous.

It hurts to even think about all the families and friends affected by this revamp of culture to racism, bigotry, egoism, and pure hatred by those labeling themselves MAGA.

We as a collective should choose democracy over hate, division, and putting faith in people who do not have your best interests at heart. As much as you think they do, you only reason think this is because…they tell you.

Notice how people who are master manipulators speak. They repeat words at a minimum, 3 times in as short as two or three sentences. Seriously. Next time you listen to someone speak, if they continue to repeat the same “keywords” over and over, they are attempting to program you to actually think it is truth and what you need to do as well. Age old trick. Hitler wrote a book about it, and low and behold, Mr. Trump confessed to reading it in college and enjoying it. Hell, ALL the news outlets do it all the time. None of them are innocent.

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Ally to good,


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