We are Being Groomed to Hate and Divide

For some, social media gives them all the information they care to know about a particular subject. Others, they like what they hear from the mouths of those that share a common agenda. This is how it has been for ages. Then there are the rare few who investigate a piece of information and pick it apart to shed away bias and non-factual information.  Therefore, getting fact-based insight. It is the equivalent of stripping a delicious fancy cake of all the icing, sugar, and butter. What do you have left?  Something most people won’t consume.

Which one of these are you when it comes to information?

In a political environment, this is typically stated as a narrative. Most news outlets report to give foundation and backing to a narrative and the viewers help spread it for the cause of “good”. Most often, it is never good. In fact, it is exactly the opposite.  I find myself stating this a lot lately. Why? Some just do not grasp the concept of what the media, propaganda, and fact-less information does to society. For most of the population, possessing the time and resources to fact check the information you are getting is not available. Also, it is easy to “trust” what you take in as truth due to lack of care.

This began ages ago but has increased in popularity in the last century. Most notably the past two decades. The United States of America is a capitalist’s field of dreams. Wherever you turn, someone is looking to make money and increase power. From the most innocent of charities, to the giants of corporate America. Not going to go into finger pointing this out, but it is a concrete truth. Fact.

So, when you think of social media and news media outlets, how do you think they become billion-dollar organizations? I can tell you this, it is not by the subscriptions as most of it is free to the consumer. Free? Absolutely. This business model is becoming very prevalent and working quite well. At the helm of financial influx are big corporations and companies forking over millions for you to be “molded” and your interests tracked. You get a narrative to believe and a picture of what your life should be like, the social media companies get billions. Here is where Tin Foil Hat Larry would chime in, but that is a bit extreme. Not to disprove TFH Larry, as there is some truth, but with conspiracies, come extremes and more lies.

Millions of dollars get poured into all media channels by political parties. Even more when these channels allow extreme views to propagate millions of “believers”. So why do these sources always focus on the bad instead of the good. Well, because the bad is what gets peoples’ attention. It sells! The good? As I do enjoy reading or hearing good news, this society yearns for dirt, filth, nattiness, greed, and conflict. Hence the strong bias from all major news outlets. To garner viewers and engage, it must be extreme. It must really strike a nerve. Think about that boring cake without icing, sugar, or butter. Who wants that?

We could spend a lot of time here discussing all the nonsense thrown about that does not even possess a bit of factual base. Things that make consumers of this mess, salivate. This would be counterintuitive to this post as it would become an ongoing post to reflect daily news and rumors. What could be scarier?

The most horrific data is the amount of people who don’t care that what they believe even if it is absolute nonsense. Coming from a moderate standpoint on general politics, I find both extreme poles very frightening. I do not stand by and scream for others to wake up.  It won’t happen. At least overnight. Seems people love the feeling of hating one another for their ideology and choices. I prefer to promote love and uplifting agendas. Again, boring to the mass of anger waiting to be fed.

When you get right down to it, social media and news is telling you what to do. What to like. What not to like. How to live your life.

Yes, your interaction online, if not kept in check, is controlling YOU! Everyday and every moment.

I’m not wrong. Promise.


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