Can We Become One?

As the polarization of our country becomes more extreme, you have to ask yourself when the madness will stop.

The answer is that it will not anytime soon.

Take in consideration the vast number of differences just in the many cultures inside our nation. I am not speaking of ethnicity. I am speaking on culture. The way people live and their ideology. The number if differences are going to always stretch a very large spectrum in a nation touted as the “Land of the Free”.

We were founded on these principles and the ideology of living one’s life in peace. Well, peace from dictatorship.

You have so many variable ways of life throughout this country that one opinion will most likely differ from another on any given subject. If you can’t agree on the fact that french fries are good, then what can we agree on?

You take a person who was raised predominantly in rural America and compare their life to that of someone who grew up in a cramped urban atmosphere. You get a different prospective on life, goals, family, needs, government, etc. So, this is what you will run into majority of the time. Now that the suburban expanse has taken over our nation, you get a melting pot of ideology and values.

Becoming one nation is obtainable. When national tragedy strikes, typically you see a good push towards it. People are typically proud to be a United States citizen, while others look for every feather on the bird to diminish it. The formula for freedom, is to better understand the people and their needs. They are all different yet all very important.

This is one of my dreams and ambitions. To see our country become “better” than what it currently is. This goes beyond the lines of political affiliation and encompasses ethics and morality. What are the ethics and morality I speak of? This is complicated to explain as you are going to leave some parts of the population feeling jaded. It goes beyond the teachings(rules) of the Bible and materializes real solutions to real problems.

At this moment, you are apprehensive about anything I am saying. Predicting nonsense to ensue and far-fetched idealistic thoughts. Thing is, that is further from the truth.

The solution is simple.

The solution lies right under our noses.

We choose by choice to ignore and push it aside.

If we could educate ourselves and destroy the ‘walls’ we build between one another, we could be free of what keeps us imprisoned. Imprisoned in hate, greed, and difference.

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