The Suicide of Humanity

The Suicide of Humanity Life Indiscreet

When you see the title of the site, Life Indiscreet, what do you think of? After pondering and sifting through numerous titles, I scrolled through social media posts and it came to me.  Social media leaves little private anymore. With that, what about the truth of it all? When I say this, I am referring to real-life situations, feelings, and facts. The only thing discreet is the facts.

Why be discreet about the truth?

This seems to be the modus operandi of social media. We are taken away by the prose of fantasy, falsehoods, and extreme ideology. Yet, we never really want to hear the truth. Why?

Facts can be uncomfortable, scary, and a bit mood-altering for the majority of our population. It causes the facade that Hollywood, fiction, and social media built to be questioned as real. That isn’t good for the greedy. These channels thrive on people spending money on following them and/or attempting to obtain this life.  This started not so long ago. Before social media and television. People looked upon the affluent for what life should be. Books and poems provided fantastical stories of the good life and provided picturesque lifestyles and goals. Even the Holy Bible spoke unto the readers on how one should conduct themselves and choices.

All this for what?

When you have humanity throwing aside morality, education, and respect for our planet for something that means nothing is when it gets scary. There is no discretion when it comes to obtaining fantasy. The fantasy of riches and the feeling of power. Power over what? Humanity destroys more than it builds. There is no respect for the beauty and the resources this planet offers. It is all about receiving. Humanity could care less, there is no thought put into tomorrow as everyone lives for themselves TODAY. Why should they care? Their life span is only a speck in the timeline of Earth.

Meanwhile, mental illness is more common than ever. We hide this fact and feels taboo to discuss.

Overpopulation is a serious issue yet we thrive to prolong life expectancy and push the envelope to pervert what nature intended.  I am not alluding to total Darwinian ideology, that is just a small factor. It is the fact that just a century ago, people passed due to common ailments we cure by the shelf of a grocery store.  Yet, we have no appreciation of that. We further spiral into obscenity and consistently pushing the envelope. I am all for longevity of human life, but at what expense?

Am I looking for the perfect utopian society? I am not.

We spend more time fighting each other. We quarrel over land, property, materials, resources, and ideology.

Meanwhile, we rape and pillage the Earth and its belongings. No consideration for the time it takes to reproduce, for some things, if it ever does again.

“We are the superior being”, is such a selfish and arrogant philosophy. How does careless and selfish equivalate to superior?

So, when I created Life Indiscreet, I thought of all the fortitude of things that are factual and not being “discreet” about it.

What am I going to be indiscreet about?

The social media influencer who takes medication because they have serious self-confidence issues and have to plaster themselves all over the internet to get a “like”.

The authors and creators of misinformation, propaganda, and pure falsehoods while obtaining a foothold in the minds of the impressionable and spread like a virus.

The pathetic powers that be that push an agenda of making humanity feel power, wealth, and materialism is the way to a happy life.

Those diabolical humans create hate, dissent, and separation.

I have to start somewhere. All big things come from something small. Here I am, you may not want to hear it, but it will be the truth.

Please join me if you agree. Donate if you prefer to assist in the growth of this platform and the mission.


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