The Burden of Religion

Coming from a predominantly atheist upbringing with a speckle of agnosticism, although, attending many different churches with extended family over the years. Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, and more. My great grandfather was a fire and brimstone preaching Pentecostal preacher. Life was a bit confusing some could say. Never was there a dull moment during family gatherings. The one thing that tied all these religions these together, The Holy Bible. Some definite variants. A factor that made all this confusing and maddening, the different interpretations and theology. My views on religion will make the devout say I am going to hell. Even though, I really enjoy and feel truth is based in some religious texts, but through time and mankind, has been diluted and evolved to what someone felt it should be.

But am I going to “hell”? I have lived in it majority of my life. What could be worse?

That is typically where I choose the stance to not get into the trap of the one-sided debate that usually ensues. In Christianity, Islam, and many other beliefs, things can get extreme, fast. This goes for majority of the followers of these religions. I prefer to just be neutral and “go with the flow”. I am not judging you, nor should you judge me. After all, is this not what the good Book states? Seems arguing with a hardline Christian is like trying to explain anything rational to a Trump supporter. It is just not going to happen. You will give up with the futility of it all before you make headway on agreeing on anything “middle ground”. Nope, not going to happen. That is where I have my issue. No give, just push. I will never push my ideology onto someone, I find it extremely uncomfortable.

What do I believe? Oh, boy.

This is a blog, not a book. It would take several chapters, possibly books, to accomplish this. I will divulge a bit and just make this a very “CliffsNotes” version of my mindfulness and thoughts.

As a firm believer in science, I am also very well educated in many avenues of life. I firmly believe that there exists a “God”. A deity, or deities, that exists in some parallel or realm, whatever you want to call it. Not sure what that is, I attribute my belief in what I can see. I do see something in humankind. Something science cannot fully wrap its mind around. They will even admit it. The same with nature. Animals, foliage, the elements. Everything has some life force that is beyond our explanation scientifically. Now am I going to give into the realm of greed and write a book and start making things up, so people follow me? No! I will leave that to the charlatans and the delusional.  I ask you to really ask yourself questions and not look for answers in books that focus on harnessing the “sheep” factor in you. To seriously think the power of our minds and the energy we possess is only science is a bit conceded and arrogant.

Let us look at one of many examples. Human twins. I am not a twin thankfully, or this world would be in dire straits, but I started reading early on about actual scientific research on how twins could feel each other’s feelings, thoughts, and more. No researchers or scientist could give a definite hypothesis on this phenomenon. It left me thinking and as to how these also occur in the animal kingdom as well as the parent/child bond that experiences the same. I can start some far-fetched theories, but at the end of the day, there is no answer humankind knows for fact. Therefore, it pushes me to the realm of something higher than us.  I could keep listing examples, but again, I am trying to keep this to a minimum word count.

When you look back upon documented history, what is one thing you find to be the nucleus of wars, murders, injustice, and so on? Religion. Professing one’s faith in God and then at the same time denouncing another for not believing cries hypocrisy. Killing in the name of God? Asking God to protect you and watch over you while you commit sins against humanity or the earth? Is this what the Bible entails? No. It is at the hands of the interpreter and the follower. In some cases, may end up in something more heinous than good. You look at most religions; you find a business. A business in need of funding and the need to wield power. I don’t feel that is what God intended. When I look at religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism, you are looking at something on the better end of the spectrum. I respect all religions until I have reason not to. However, the Asian and Native American cultures typically embraced nature, respect, and loving one another far more than Anglo-Saxon and Persian religions. Again, too much to explain here.

When someone tells me they are atheist, I can respect that. Now to utilize that stance and press it on others and really go for the throat with those who follow religion, then I tend to discredit them in my mind and realize I am just dealing with someone who has a deep-rooted hatred for something more than they are allowing people to know. This also goes with those who practice a religion and do the same to non-believers. I will say, I have met some of the most amazing Christians in my life. They never judge, just love. I respect that immensely. The same with Islamic faith and so on. I have lifelong friends of all races, creeds, and walks of life and would not want it any other way. Without them, I would have never found myself with the knowledge and mindset I have grown into.

I feel at the end of the day, we are created to love. We have emotion. Even if your creed towards a movement state “feelings are for P*****”, you have feelings! Creatures have emotions. I hate to say this, but you would be surprised what all beyond mammals has emotions as well. With emotions come a soul, or like I like to call it, an energy. Something science has yet been able to give solid data on that can be solely contributed to the neuro system of an organism. Yes, there are proven elements of it, but why are we all “different”. That difference has many questioning the depth and scope of all that is uncharted. I may never find out in my earthly life.  Who knows?


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